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If you keep track of your time and the organization of your life, it is very important to have a special organizer at hand. In particular, for those who spend a lot of time at the computer, you need a special tool that disciplines the user very much and is, in fact, a virtual manager. Rainlendar Task Calendar is a special program that allows you to manage your time and plan any of your actions and events.

Rainlendar is a free task management and time management software. It provides many options for creating calendars, reminders, and to-do lists. The program allows you to easily set up notifications and reminders that help you not to miss important events and meetings.

Calendar organizer

Rainlendar Task Calendar

Rainlendar: A handy tool for organizing your time. Time management is one of the most important skills that helps us achieve success in all areas of life. Well-organized time allows not only to fit more tasks into the day, but also to focus on the most important tasks and achieve better results. However, we should not forget that the organization of time should be flexible and take into account not only our work tasks, but also personal interests, leisure and time for yourself. As a result, the ability to properly organize our time allows us not only to increase productivity, but also to make our life more balanced and satisfying. For this, a calendar organizer is needed in the modern world.

Calendar for setting tasks

One of the main features of Rainlendar is its ease of use. The program has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it accessible to people of any skill level. Setting up calendar and notifications is easy, so users can quickly start using Rainlendar to organize their time.

Rainlendar supports events and tasks that can be stored in separate lists. This helps to organize your life more efficiently and more clearly understand the upcoming tasks that need to be done. What’s more, events and tasks can be displayed in a common calendar window, making it much easier to access schedule information and help you plan your time more efficiently.

Calendar for planning

One of the main advantages of the Rainlendar planning calendar is its flexibility and multi-platform. The program works on different operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux. This allows users to use Rainlendar on any device and in any environment. In addition, the program supports synchronization with Google Calendar, which makes it easy to share information between different devices.

Another advantage of Rainlendar is its extensibility. The program supports many plugins and skins that allow you to customize it according to the needs of the user. Plugins add new features and functionality, while skins allow you to change the appearance of your calendar and task list.

Desktop calendar

Rainlendar Desktop Calendar

This calendar is convenient because it has access from the main window – the desktop! With skins, you can customize the appearance of the calendar and, if you like, combine multiple skins and display multiple windows. In addition, with custom categories, you can change the appearance of events and tasks according to your preferences. Also, the Rainlendar desktop calendar provides a high level of data security. The program uses data encryption and supports backup, which protects user information from loss or theft. In addition, Rainlendar does not require an Internet connection, which provides an additional layer of security and data privacy protection.



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In conclusion, Rainlendar is a free, easy-to-use and flexible time management tool that can be useful for people of all skill levels. The program provides many options for task management and time planning, and its ease of use, multi-platform and security make it an ideal choice for those who want to organize their lives more efficiently and effectively. Rainlendar is a multilingual and multiplatform program. Download links are available from the downloads area, below. The developer’s website provides the latest versions of this utility. Choose the version you need for your operating system and download. Install and configure. You can also download the extended

Rainlendar Task Calendar




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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