Save the location of shortcuts on the desktop. ReIcon

If you don’t already know what desktop monitor screen clutter is on your computer, then you are a very organized and disciplined user. Very often we violate the order of storing labels, folders and files ourselves. Save it here and there. Accidentally deleted or moved to some folder and forgot. Creative chaos is a problem for most PC users working on the Windows operating system. This is a fairly common problem, so to speak, a headache for many of us. And in order to somehow maintain order, we have to invent something. Engage in revision, clean up and clean up the desktop of the main screen. In order to avoid all this, you can save the location of the shortcuts on the desktop. ReIcon is a utility that can “remember” everything on the desktop and create a layout. At any time, even if you violated the order, the desktop can be returned to its original position.

Location of Windows shortcuts and icons

Save desktop shortcut location using the ReIcon utility

We leave shortcuts, files, and icons all over the surface of the virtual desktop, the main Windows window. Also, during the installation of any applications, the installer often installs a shortcut to quickly launch the program. This is a very convenient place. After all, after the start of the operating system, we immediately see the desktop and from it you can very quickly launch your favorite programs and open the necessary files. The familiar arrangement of Windows shortcuts and icons helps us save time and speed up our work. Therefore, the usual order allows us to act at the level of conditioned reflexes without much thought.

Save desktop shortcut location

To save all elements on your desktop you need special tools to create a backup. In our case, the free, portable and multilingual ReIcon utility is able to save the position of all elements for later restoration when necessary. Save layouts are easily customizable. And the utility itself can be called from the usual Windows context menu. ReIcon has a longer and more capacious name – Restore Desktop Icon Layouts. Here you can save not only the location of labels, icons, folders and files, but also different resolutions considering wallpaper. And other settings.

Save desktop layout with ReIcon

With ReIcon, you can easily save different desktop states. This is especially useful when several people work on a PC or you have to work remotely from different devices with screens of different resolutions. To save all the states, it is enough to have this convenient and small utility at hand. Save layout of the desktop using ReIcon can be quite subtle, and in the way that the program settings allow. Drag and Drop technology is supported (simple drag and drop), Unicode is also available and it is possible to align all icons and labels on the grid. And most importantly, any backup is made from the context menu and restored from there with just one click.

Program for saving labels and icons ReIcon

This software does not require installation. Works on all versions of Windows (from XP to version 11, as well as with all bit depths). The utility can simply be downloaded and stored in any accessible place. And even on a flash drive. The running program will run quietly in the tray and will not disturb you. All backups will have all the necessary information for later use (screen resolution, number of elements, date, etc.) You can download ReIcon from sources in the download area. Links lead to the developer’s site. Download this software, run it, select the desired language and you can start saving. The program for saving labels and icons ReIcon will always be at hand, as a reliable keeper of order.

Save the location of shortcuts on the desktop. ReIcon




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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