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With the change of seasons, I want to indulge in the mood of nature. With the onset of spring – spring flowers and grass, in summer – the sun and the sea, in autumn – falling autumn leaves. Well, in winter – I want snow! Joining the winter period before Christmas and New Year, very often there is a desire to decorate everything around in a seasonal entourage. And even the Windows desktop! You can change the desktop wallpaper, change the design of labels and buttons. But that’s not all! You can add, for example, a screenmate or snow to your DesktopSnowOK! And this can be done with a simple free program.

Falling snow on desktop

DesktopSnowOK - setting the program and snow on desktop

We imagine snow in the form of falling snowflakes. Therefore, on the desktop of the monitor screen, we want to see the same or something very similar. Thanks to a small program called DesktopSnowOK, you can add falling snow to your desktop. This portable application that simulates and generates snowflakes on the main window of Windows can put you in the Christmas and New Year mood! And not only!

Snow on desktop DesktopSnowOK Freeware

Now every PC user can create magic on their Windows desktop. To do this, just run the portable and free DesktopSnowOK program and set the falling snow mode. You can do this with simple settings.

Item Count sets the number of falling snowflakes. Minimum 5, maximum 2000 pieces. Transparency and speed adjust the level of alpha display and the speed of the particles. In addition, in the latest version of the program at the time of the publication of the review, there is a setting for the appearance of a snowflake. By the way, a snowflake can have various shapes, and even be … leaves, balls, balls and other objects. Therefore, the program can be used in other seasons, in preparation for other holidays and significant dates. Snowflake sizes, direction algorithm (up or down), rotation, size randomness, make the snowfall more varied and natural, like nature.

DesktopSnowOK - snowfall and snowflake shape

The rest of the settings are related to the operation of the PC, but you, as a user, will easily understand them.

Snow falling on desktop

Now, even sitting at a PC or laptop, you can watch the falling snowflakes that will spin while you work. Snow falling on the desktop can be seen on top of all windows and documents, and only on the desktop, i. under all windows. In order not to burden the PC with graphic elements, the desktopSnowOK portable application can be configured for system resources. It remains to run the program to generate falling snow. But before that, you need to download it for your version of Windows.

The program supports many languages, is portable, free and weighs very little. While working in the minimum and medium modes, it practically does not consume system resources. Can start with system startup.

Download snow to your desktop. DesktopSnowOK

Before downloading, consider the bitness of the Windows operating system. Download links lead to files of 2 versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Choose your option and download to your PC. By the way, the download links lead to the official page website of the developer DesktopSnowOK and they are in the download section. Run the program and customize your snowfall, making it move to the rhythm of your mood!

Snow on desktop DesktopSnowOK


DesktopSnowOK - snowflakes or valentines DesktopSnowOK - settings snowflake size DesktopSnowOK - leaf fall DesktopSnowOK - settings programs and snowfall modes on the desktop



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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