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There are various situations in which you have to split files into several parts. This may be due to both the file system and any other restrictions and conditions. In any case, it is important to have a digital tool at hand and the ability to split files into any number of parts with the possibility of subsequently restoring them to their original form. The free Split Files file splitter will do the job in no time! We will talk about it below.

Split Files Files - Split function

Split files

Any file is encrypted data in one format or another. In practice, this digital object can be of any size and occupy a certain part of the memory on the storage medium, for example, on a removable flash memory or a computer hard drive. With the help of special software, files can be divided into parts of a certain size for their subsequent use, copying, transferring and restoring to their original state. The Split Files utility is a special program that can split files of any format according to several specified parameters and then restore them.

Split Files

The Split Files utility is a tool that allows you to split a file into several parts and restore them together by recombining them. This will be useful in cases where you want to send a large file over the Internet, but your mail or file hosting has file size limits.

Description of the Split Files utility

Split Files is a free Windows utility that allows you to split a file into several parts and then merge them into a single file. The program has a simple and intuitive interface, and its use does not require special knowledge or skills. In order to split the file into parts, you need to open the program and select file you want to split. Then you need to select the “Split” option, specify the name, size of future parts or the number of fragments. Start with the “Split” button and wait for the completion. This application will automatically split the source file into a set number of parts, and each fragment will be saved in a separate file with the extension .001, .002, etc. In order to combine files, you need to open the program, select the “Join” option, specify the name and path to the file you want to receive, and select the first file from the series. The program will automatically find the remaining parts and merge them into one file.

Benefits of using Split Files

One of the main advantages of using Split Files is the ability to send large files over the Internet , breaking them into parts and sending them in parts. This is especially useful if you don’t have access to a file host that allows you to upload large files. Also, Split Files can be useful if you want to save a large source file across multiple flash drives or other removable media. By splitting the file into parts, you can save each “piece” to a separate medium, which makes it easier to transfer large files between devices.

Download Split Files

In order to use this utility, it must be installed on your Windows PC. You can download the program for splitting Split Files from the official page of the developer. You can find the links below in the downloads area. To summarize, Split Files is a simple and useful utility that will help you split a large file into several parts and merge them together. It is useful in situations where you need to send files that are too large over the Internet or save files on multiple flash drives. If you need to split a file into parts, Split Files is a great choice for this.

Split Files Program


Split Files program - Merge functionSplit Files - Split function



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