Split PDF. SepPDF Utility

Among the variety of programs, many different file formats have appeared. Even among documents and readable files, there is great variety. Their list includes the top most popular. One of the most common formats for reading and storing electronic copies of printing products is PDF. Files of this format can contain from several pages to tens, hundreds and even thousands. It is not always convenient to store and read such multipage files. Therefore, this task very often arises: to split a PDF. The SepPDF utility is a small free program that can split a PDF file into several files. In this case, all information will be saved in its original form.

Split PDF

Split PDF. SepPDF Utility

In order for large and multi-page files to be split into the required number of fragments, there are many ways. Among them are online services that can work with various graphic formats and documents. Their disadvantage is extra advertising, as well as limited settings for splitting. It can also be programs that allow edit PDF files. The disadvantages of such programs may be their relative high cost, as well as overloaded functionality. And in our case, the task is of a rather narrow focus.

Split PDF into pages

If the file is multi-page or consists of only two pages, then it can be split. In this case, the file format will remain unchanged. It will be in PDF format. For such tasks, you can use a special small and free utility – SepPD. Thanks to it, you can split a PDF into pages, regardless of the original number of pages in the file.

PDF Splitter

SepPD utility is basically a small and free program to split PDF into many smaller parts. With this software, you can split a single-page file into multiple pages. The maximum number of divisions (partitions) can reach up to 8 parts. A split page can turn into a file consisting of several pages as suggested in the menu schemes. Those. one page can be broken into eight pages!

In those cases where you often work with office files and documents, the SepPD page splitter will be a reliable free tool for a PC user running on the Windows operating system.

Download SepPDF program to split PDF into pages

This utility does not require installation. Just run it on your PC. Before that, you need to download the SepPDF program to split PDF into pages using the links below from the official web page of the developer. She doesn’t take up much space. Works on almost all versions of Windows, from Windows-95 to version 11.

Split PDF. SepPDF Utility




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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