PS Tray Factory

PS Tray Factory Tray Manager

If you still don't know what a tray is, then you've come to the right place. The system tray is a special place on ...
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PopSel context menu setting program

Perhaps almost all of us have ever encountered working on a PC in the Windows operating system. By right-clicking on the monitor screen, a ...
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Computer shutdown program. Download sTray

We are constantly trying to improve and improve something. We need embellishments for our electronic computing devices or various accelerators, amplifiers, etc. If we ...
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Desktop Info by Glenn Delahoy

System information on the desktop

We all love quality software for its simplicity, functionality and usability. And if this is even a small application that performs a narrow range ...
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A set of programs for the computer. LiberKey

Have you ever thought or dreamed of having all the small but very important and useful programs for every occasion. And so that these ...
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Save the location of shortcuts on the desktop. ReIcon

If you don't already know what desktop monitor screen clutter is on your computer, then you are a very organized and disciplined user. Very ...
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Draw on the desktop. ZoomIt

Virtual space can be used in any way, as long as it is convenient. If you have to sit a lot at the screen ...
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Program for the treatment of dead pixels. PixelHealer

When buying new equipment, or even more so if the equipment was in use, we always check it for integrity. Why do we need ...
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Dead pixel checker InjuredPixels

Thanks to the monitor screen or, in particular, the display, we can interact with a computer, tablet or smartphone. On it, processes that are ...
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