BSDThe section under the BSD tag contains or filters programs whose versions were developed for systems of the UNIX family. Those. in a BSD environment, all digital products will run on that platform. Naturally, along with this system, programs can also work in other popular operating systems, such as Windows or MacOS. Below is a list of such applications.

Free GIMP Graphic Editor for Everyone


There are many professional tools in the world of graphic design and photo editing, but they are often expensive and out of reach for most people. However, there is one excellent and free solution…

Notation editor MuseScore


For those who are inspired by the Muse of creativity, and, in particular, want to create music, this review is dedicated. With the development of digital technologies, literally everyone, having a PC or laptop…

Genealogical tree. Free Gramps Program


Each of us has a family and there were our ancestors. Also, when we create a family, we continue our family. We maintain relationships with our close and distant relatives. And, in fact, we…

DOS emulator. Download DosBox


Everything in life changes, everything develops. The same thing happens in the world of electronic development, especially software. For dialogue with a personal computer, the DOS operating system was developed, which over time was…

Broadcasting software OBS Studio

OBS Studio

Very often, game reviewers, video bloggers or vloggers have to show their screen, namely what is happening on it. For this purpose, dedicated streaming applications are ideal. The broadcasting software OBS Studio is just…