Tag Editor

Under this Editor tag, programs are filtered that allow the user to open, modify and save these changes in files of various formats. Editors can be of different types, for example, graphic, text, video, audio and others. With the help of them, you can change the contents of files and save these changes and adjustments.

Free subtitle editor Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit

All viewers have at least once seen films and other video content that is accompanied by subtitles. To understand, subtitles are a tool for presenting speech or sound effects in video files or movies.…

Free photo viewer. Download Irfanview


Since the advent of digital photography, our world has changed. We take thousands of pictures, and to store them and share them with friends, we need a good tool. However, when it comes to…

Methods for opening and converting Webp files


While humanity is developing in the direction of digitalization and computer technology, more and more new branches appear. For example, in the field of web design and image storage, the WebP (Web Picture) format…

Free VIM text editor for HTML and other documents

Vim editor

There are many text editors in the world of software development and system administration, but one of the most powerful and flexible tools available for free is Vim (Vi IMproved). Vim gives developers and…