Tag Emulator

The Emulator tag contains reviews of programs that can simulate a variety of hardware or system processes, as well as the operation of individual devices. In the environment created by such emulator programs, programs created specifically for this environment can work. An example is emulators of game consoles, various computers or other devices. They are able to create a virtual emulated device itself on another and allow you to run games. This way you can get a copy of one device running on another.

Program for running old games. Download DxWnd


Time flows and everything in the world changes. The same thing happens in digital products. With the advent of more modern hardware for PCs, the operating system is being finalized and changed, replacing one…

DOS emulator. Download DosBox


Everything in life changes, everything develops. The same thing happens in the world of electronic development, especially software. For dialogue with a personal computer, the DOS operating system was developed, which over time was…