Tag Ended support

This software list contains digital products that have been discontinued some time ago. This can happen for various reasons. But at the same time, most applications are relevant to this day and in some cases are almost irreplaceable. Pay attention to compatibility with versions of the operating system on which the application is able to work and will be most effective.

Program for changing the sound Audio Pitch And Shift

Audio Pitch And Shift

To work with sound and audio files, you often have to use various technologies, methods, and, in particular, digital products. You can process sound files using professional and expensive software products, but if you…

FotoMorph morphing software


First, you need to understand what Morphing is. This is a smooth transformation or transformation of one image into another in the form of animation. The video sequence consists of gradually changing images on…

Puzzle game Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

Computer games have become one of the components of our lives. Generations of the third millennium no longer imagine themselves not associated with a PC, various devices and digital technology. Today, some real board…

PS Hot Launch VVL Hotkey Program

PS Hot Launch VVL

Those users of personal computers and laptops who have been working on the Windows platform for a long time know about the combination and pressing of several keys that speed up some processes. For…

Pin a window on top of all windows. DeskPins


Working on the Windows operating system, you have to work with many windows. You can split the screen into two or more parts. But, sometimes, you need to specifically pin a window on top…

Webp to JPG converter. Download WebPconv

WebPconv - конвертер

Internet technologies are developing and, accordingly, the requirements for files are changing. Regular users need high speed loading sites. In order to reduce the “weight” of graphic files, a modern format was introduced –…