Tag Ended support

This software list contains digital products that have been discontinued some time ago. This can happen for various reasons. But at the same time, most applications are relevant to this day and in some cases are almost irreplaceable. Pay attention to compatibility with versions of the operating system on which the application is able to work and will be most effective.

Free PDF to Word converter. Download Nemo

Nemo PDF to Word

When working with documents on a PC, you often come across popular file extensions. For example, PDF and DOC (DOCX) are the most common, as they often support reading and editing formatted texts. And…

Virtual toys on the desktop Souptoys


In the world of computer technology, virtual games and toys occupy a special place. They allow users to immerse themselves in a fascinating and interactive world right on their desktop. One of the programs…

Free Xenu Link Checker: Features and Interface


In the world of web development and SEO, maintaining a healthy link structure is one of the biggest challenges. So-called broken links, page access problems and other technically negative points can have a bad…

Comic Seer: comic book reader

Comic Seer

Comics are an integral part of the world of entertainment and art, and many people enjoy reading compelling stories expressed in comic book format. However, with the rise in popularity of digital comics, it…

Draw on the desktop with fire ink. Napalm

Napalm Desktop

Even in the first decade of the twenty-first century, with the development of the computer industry, various joke programs for the desktop began to appear. Various screenmates, decorations, widgets, gadgets and enhancements made it…

Program for changing the sound Audio Pitch And Shift

Audio Pitch And Shift

To work with sound and audio files, you often have to use various technologies, methods, and, in particular, digital products. You can process sound files using professional and expensive software products, but if you…