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The concept of “Finance” refers to the field of economics and covers the management of money, resources and capital. It includes processes related to the receipt, management and use of funds, as well as decision-making on investment and financial planning.
Finance deals with the analysis and management of financial resources within various entities such as states, companies, households, and individuals. They include aspects such as budget management, investment, lending, accounting and reporting, risk management and financial planning.
Understanding finance is important both at the level of individuals in order to manage personal finances, and at the level of organizations and states in order to ensure the stability and efficiency of financial transactions. The concept of finance is widely used in various fields, including banking, investment, insurance, as well as in business management and macroeconomic policy.
In simple words, Finance is everything that is directly or indirectly related to the economy, money and cash equivalents. And here, under this tag, information related to this concept is collected.

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