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Under the tag “For kids” are collected reviews of programs designed specifically for the youngest, and even the smallest audience. As a rule, the psychology of young people, due to the lack of life experience, may perceive such applications differently. For this, software with game elements is created, aimed at the younger generation as much as possible. Below is a list of such software.

FotoMorph morphing software


First, you need to understand what Morphing is. This is a smooth transformation or transformation of one image into another in the form of animation. The video sequence consists of gradually changing images on…

Puzzle game Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

Computer games have become one of the components of our lives. Generations of the third millennium no longer imagine themselves not associated with a PC, various devices and digital technology. Today, some real board…

Plants on the desktop DesktopPlant


In our time of the digital age, part of our lives is transferred to the virtual world. And for some period of time we sit at the screen of a smartphone or a personal…

Drawing program for children. Tux Paint

Tux Paint

Children are the flowers of life. We are ready for anything for them. Apparently, this is especially true for their children, in whom the soul and strength are invested by 1000% or more. And…