Tag Linux

Under the Linux tag, all software that has a version of the free popular operating system of the same name is collected. For developers of such software, creating versions for popular platforms is very profitable and useful. Thus, Windows or Linux users can work with the same digital product in the same way. Here are applications just for Linux OS, which can be downloaded using the links from the reviews.

Free VIM text editor for HTML and other documents

Vim editor

There are many text editors in the world of software development and system administration, but one of the most powerful and flexible tools available for free is Vim (Vi IMproved). Vim gives developers and…

Voice recorder for PC: download Audacity


In these modern days, when audio recording and processing play an important role in various fields, having a convenient and powerful audio recording program on a computer becomes a necessity. One such software solution…

Virtual planetarium: WinStars 3 program

WinStars 3

In the modern world, when experimental space exploration is still limited in scope and accessible only to a narrow circle of specialists, virtual planetariums are becoming more and more popular among astronomy lovers. They…

SwatchBooker color palette software


In the world of design and artistic creation, color plays an important role. Color palettes help designers, artists, and other professionals choose and organize colors for their projects. However, managing and editing color palettes…