Tag MacOS

MacOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It is designed specifically for Apple computers. Under this tag, programs with a version specifically for MacOS are collected and filtered. Along with the popular Windows or Linux, software for Apple devices is also in high demand. All software can be downloaded from official sites using links from reviews.

Wi-Fi Finder: Homedale


Today’s world is heavily dependent on Wi-Fi wireless networks, which provide us with access to the Internet and internal networks wherever we are. Sometimes we need to find an available Wi-Fi network, check its…

Free VIM text editor for HTML and other documents

Vim editor

There are many text editors in the world of software development and system administration, but one of the most powerful and flexible tools available for free is Vim (Vi IMproved). Vim gives developers and…

Voice recorder for PC: download Audacity


In these modern days, when audio recording and processing play an important role in various fields, having a convenient and powerful audio recording program on a computer becomes a necessity. One such software solution…

XnResize Image Resizer: Graphics Processing Tool


In today’s digital world, where images play a key role in communication and visual presentation of information, there is a need for convenient tools for processing and editing graphic files. One such tool is…

Karaoke software for PC Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5

In the world of entertainment and music, karaoke has a special place. This is a popular entertainment that allows people to perform their favorite songs accompanied by specially prepared musical backing tracks. And if…