Tag Set


Under the “Set” tag, reviews are filtered on programs that are included in sets or contain several applications and utilities within themselves. Thanks to such programs, the user’s capabilities are greatly expanded. It may contain specially selected programs and carefully packaged in special archive containers. Extracting useful software from them, we get several functional and useful goodies from one bottle at once in the form of ready-made full-fledged programs. It is very comfortable. Especially when someone else has already done extremely useful work. Therefore, such sets are very valuable in the eyes of many users.

Virtual toys on the desktop Souptoys


In the world of computer technology, virtual games and toys occupy a special place. They allow users to immerse themselves in a fascinating and interactive world right on their desktop. One of the programs…

A set of programs for the computer. LiberKey


Have you ever thought or dreamed of having all the small but very important and useful programs for every occasion. And so that these programs are portable and can fit, for example, in the…