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Reviews tagged Shareware (software) describe software that is distributed free of charge under certain conditions. This, for example, can be a limited period of use of the version of the application with maximum functionality or a version with a number of reduced options. In any case, as a rule, it will be a plus that in order to familiarize a full-fledged version of a particular software, a simple user has such an opportunity on the terms of the developer.

Anatomy in 3D Program: Complete Anatomy 2023

Complete Anatomy 2023

Everyone knows that Anatomy is a branch of Biology that studies the morphology (external and internal structure) of the body. And, of course, human anatomy – studies the structure of the human body. Today,…

PS Tray Factory Tray Manager

PS Tray Factory

If you still don’t know what a tray is, then you’ve come to the right place. The system tray is a special place on the monitor screen in the Windows system, in which some…

Plants on the desktop DesktopPlant


In our time of the digital age, part of our lives is transferred to the virtual world. And for some period of time we sit at the screen of a smartphone or a personal…

ZebraDesigner Barcode Software


As you can see, in order to quickly read information, it is enough to have a special scanner at hand. A barcode is a graphic marking with encrypted information for warehouse accounting. The sequence…

Pattern program. Fittingly Sew 2

Fittingly Sew 2

Fashion design, modeling and pattern making is quite a long creative process. All this can be done on paper the old fashioned way. But, with the advent of computing technology, it became possible on…