Tag Training

Under the Training tag, reviews of programs are collected that relate to the field of education, upbringing, as well as the development of certain knowledge and skills. This is a list of applications aimed at improving and reinforcing educational materials. As an example, this could be an electronic simulator or an English language training program.

MazeBuilder software for creating mazes


From early childhood we are interested in various puzzles and ways to solve them. This helps a person become more resourceful and more flexible. Even from ancient times, today you can find ancient labyrinths…

Languages in which software for Arduino is written

Arduino software language

Arduino is an electronic design platform that allows you to create and program a variety of devices, from simple LED flashers to complex stand-alone systems. One of the key aspects of Arduino programming is…

Virtual planetarium: WinStars 3 program

WinStars 3

In the modern world, when experimental space exploration is still limited in scope and accessible only to a narrow circle of specialists, virtual planetariums are becoming more and more popular among astronomy lovers. They…

Popular image formats and how to open them

Популярные форматы изображений и чем их открывать

In the world of digital graphics, there are many different image formats, all with their own characteristics and applications. Opening a file of any format is a key step for viewing and processing images…

Anatomy in 3D Program: Complete Anatomy 2023

Complete Anatomy 2023

Everyone knows that Anatomy is a branch of Biology that studies the morphology (external and internal structure) of the body. And, of course, human anatomy – studies the structure of the human body. Today,…