Tag Web browsers

Under this tag are collected programs that have a browser version. Web browsers – a group of applications that can run on any PC, as long as it has an Internet browser installed. There are not so many such software, but there are still some. Along with software for Windows, MacOs and Linux, special versions are being developed specifically for the Browser.

A set of programs for the computer. LiberKey


Have you ever thought or dreamed of having all the small but very important and useful programs for every occasion. And so that these programs are portable and can fit, for example, in the…

Dead pixel checker InjuredPixels


Thanks to the monitor screen or, in particular, the display, we can interact with a computer, tablet or smartphone. On it, processes that are understandable to us are practically displayed and visualized in the…

Block edge

Edge Blocker

Very often, users, for one reason or another, want to get rid of running the Edge browser, which is the latest creation of Windows for web surfing. Ordinary attempts to do something about it…

Site form filler. Download RoboForm


Saving time is one of the most important criteria for an efficient and rational person. Be it a manager or a simple office worker. Every minute is precious! Therefore, today, thanks to modern technologies,…

Download Wikipedia. Kiwix Reader

Kiwix Reader

The Internet is good. This is the result of the evolution of the human mind. Even the encyclopedia eventually migrated to the global network and is constantly developing in many languages ​​of the world.…

Free password manager KeePass


Today, even in the digital world, you can take something for free or steal something. We are talking about “keys” to accounts or passwords. Attackers are capable of many things. But, if the user…