Tag Without installation

This tag contains reviews of all programs that do not require installation on a personal computer or any other computing device. That is, the downloaded application is quite simple to launch and immediately use it. Usually these are small programs capable of solving a narrow list of tasks. However, most of them are unique and very useful software.

MazeBuilder software for creating mazes


From early childhood we are interested in various puzzles and ways to solve them. This helps a person become more resourceful and more flexible. Even from ancient times, today you can find ancient labyrinths…

A utility for managing computer time. Download CCTime


Modern reality constantly presents us with new conditions. So in the era of the development of computer technology, computing power and other digital technology, sooner or later every ordinary person becomes a PC user…

Free PDF to Word converter. Download Nemo

Nemo PDF to Word

When working with documents on a PC, you often come across popular file extensions. For example, PDF and DOC (DOCX) are the most common, as they often support reading and editing formatted texts. And…

Virtual Tone Generator. Download RedCrab SonoG

RedCrab SonoG

If you are into audio engineering, telecommunications, or are just interested in creating and analyzing audio signals, then special software will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. The program, which is an amazing…

Monitor management software ControlMyMonitor


The monitor is one of the most important elements of the computer, which determines the quality of information display. It provides a visual interface for working with various applications and content. However, setting up…

Free utility for graphics card GPU-Z


In the world of PC gaming and graphics, the graphics card is one of the key components that determine performance and display quality. For many users, it is important to be aware of the…