Virtual PointerStick on the monitor screen. Download

When working at a computer, we use the mouse and see a regular pointerstickon the monitor screen – the screen cursor in the form of an arrow. By hovering over interactive elements of the screen, the shape of the cursor can change. For example, the arrow will turn into a hand with an extended index finger, hinting that you can click or click here. Most users of the Windows operating system are used to this. But what if the user needs to show and demonstrate something on the screen to other viewers. The fact is that the image can be displayed on another screen during the presentation. The image can also be output to the projector. And in order to show any elements of the screen, a normal pointerstickwill not be enough. In this situation, a virtual pointerstickon the monitor screen will come in handy. Download utility PointerStick – this is what you need in order to create a simulation of a pointerstickinstead of a cursor!

Pointerstick on screen

Virtual pointerstick on monitor screen - utility PointerStick

PointerStick is a utility that simulates a real pointerstick on the desktop. During any presentation, the user will always have a pointerstickon the screen at hand. Moreover, it can be adjusted according to your taste and discretion. It’s about size, transparency and appearance. The free utility PointerStick program can be used on any device that supports the Windows operating system. And any software, including standard Powerpoint, can become presentation programs.

Virtual Pointerstick

The utility is portable, multilingual and small in size. The big bonus is that it’s free. After installing the application on your device, you can launch it and replace the standard pointerstick with a virtual pointerstick of any shape and color. Available textures for this tool can be selected from the drop-down list. There are a lot of them. Here, for example, there is a sight in the form of arrows. Also, these are all kinds of pointers of various kinds, including a Harry Potter magic wand and a paper clip.

The launched utility PointerStick utility will be in the tray. Calling the pointerstickor turning it off can be done by pressing the “hot keys” or by triple clicking the mouse. The program menu allows you to adjust the size of the pointersticks, as well as their transparency. Launch applications can be done at Windows startup. To do this, check the corresponding item of the program.

Download utility PointerStick

All that remains is to install the program on your PC or laptop. Before that, you need to download utility PointerStick using the links from the official site in the download area. Please note that when downloading and startup it is important to choose your version. The utility works on almost all versions of Windows, but bit depth also matters. Files for 32-bit versions will not run on a 64-bit system and vice versa. The program at the time of publication continues to develop and, probably, soon we will be able to see additional textures and new features.

Virtual PointerStick on the monitor screen. Download




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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