What application to open files with the SIG extension

The .sig file extension can occur in different contexts and have different purposes. In this article, we will look at several options for how you can open files with the .sig extension on Windows and Android platforms. So, which application to open files with the SIG extension depends on several factors. We will talk about this below.

Which application to open files with extension SIG

Digital signatures and .sig files

Files with the .sig extension are often used in the context of digital signatures. A digital signature is a way of verifying the authenticity and integrity of an electronic document or message. It is generated using the private key and can be verified using the public key.

Digital signatures for Windows:

GPG (GNU Privacy Guard): GPG is a free tool to encrypt and digitally sign data. To verify a .sig file created using GPG, run the following command at a Windows command prompt:

gpg –verify the .sig file

Where file.sig is the name of the file you want to check.

OpenSSL: OpenSSL can also be used to verify digital signatures. To do this, run the following command:

openssl dgst -verify publickey.pem -signature file.sig datafile

Where publickey.pem is the public key, file.sig is your .sig file, and datafile is the file whose signature you want to verify.

Digital signatures for Android:

APK Signature Scheme v2 and v3: If you are dealing with Android applications (.apk files), they may contain .sig files for authentication. Android Studio and command line tools like apksigner automatically handle this verification when signing and verifying APK files.

Text editors: In case the .sig file is a text file with digital signature information, you can use the text editor available on your Android device to open and view it.

Images and .sig files

Sometimes files with extension .sig can be associated with images or graphics.

Images or graphics on Windows:

Adobe Photoshop: If the .sig file is a graphic, you can open it in Adobe Photoshop or another graphic editor such as GIMP or CorelDRAW.

Photo viewers: Many photo viewers such as Windows Photo Viewer, IrfanView and others are able to open .sig files if they are images.

Images or graphics in Android OS:

Gallery: If the .sig file is a graphic image, then it can be opened in the standard Gallery app on Android devices.

Image editing applications: For more advanced image manipulation, you can use images, such as Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed or Pixlr.

Which application can open SIG files? Conclusions

It’s important to emphasize here that opening .sig files depends on their specific purpose. It is important to understand that .sig files can be associated with different types of data, and therefore different programs may be required to open them. Also, the opening depends on the platform on which you are trying to “read” the given file. Consider all of the above usages and follow the instructions for the appropriate platform in our review.


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