Wi-Fi viewer. Download WifiChannelMonitor

One of the most common wireless networking technologies, including the Internet, is Wi-Fi. With it, you can connect to an access point in a matter of seconds. To control access and monitor such networks, programs have been developed that can be used to obtain extended information about users and influence their security. In particular, a free utility already exists for this purpose – a Wi-Fi viewer. You can download WifiChannelMonitor from the developer’s site using the links from the download area.

Free Wi-Fi Viewer

Since we are talking about a wireless network and a utility specially designed for this purpose, it is important to highlight the following points. Free Wi-Fi Viewer – WifiChannelMonitor utility can intercept any traffic on the channel selected by the user. This is done using the monitor mode capture driver, namely Microsoft Network Monitor. Thanks to it, you can get extensive information about connected users (or clients) and Wi-Fi access points. In addition, you can also see information about clients (including a list of SSIDs) that are not connected to none of the points.

For each user of the Wi-Fi network, the following information is displayed: the manufacturer of the displayed device, the number of bytes sent and sent on the network, the number of network requests, the list of SSIDs to which the user connects, MAC address and more.

Wi-Fi Connected Viewer

Using the free WifiChannelMonitor utility, you can get information about a Wi-Fi point: SSID, RSSI and channel, security status, information about beacons and their number, amount of transmitted data and their retransmission in numbers, PHY type, MAC address , the number of answers and much more, which can be found in the program itself. Viewer connected to Wi-Fi networks of clients will show the most detailed information with all technical characteristics and capabilities.

Download WifiChannelMonitor

Free Wi-Fi viewer and monitoring software supports multiple languages. Language links are provided below in the downloads area. Works in the Windows operating system of all versions (32-bit and 64-bit), starting from the 7th and ending with the 10th. In the 11th, at the time of publication of the review, it is being tested, and most likely will be finalized and adapted in the near future. In order to use the utility, you need to run it on your PC or laptop. It does not require installation. You can download WifiChannelMonitor using the links from the developer’s page, which are given below. After downloading, the utility must be launched and configured for your tasks.

Wi-Fi viewer. Download WifiChannelMonitor


Wi-Fi Network Viewer - WifiChannelMonitor



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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