Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

With the first release of Windows 7, the visualization of the operating system has changed dramatically. There were conveniences of the Desktop of the screen of the monitor. Gadgets (they are also called widgets) have become one of the important improvements for PC users. These are small tools or mini-applications that could be installed directly in the main window of the Windows desktop. They performed some functions, and it was convenient and useful. For example, “Clock” displayed the current time. “Calendar”, respectively, showed the dates in the form of a familiar grid. The weather gadget showed the weather. This was done for Windows 7. But we are interested in the current topic for today: Gadgets on the Windows 10 Desktop. Let’s see if they work in this version or not.

8GadgetPack - desktop gadgets Windows 10 and 11

Desk Gadgets

As it turned out, Gadgets on the Desktop will not work just like that. They are simply not there! They were created specifically for Windows 7. Already from version 8 and on subsequent generations, they were removed from the functionality. So the Microsoft developers decided, considering them unnecessary ballast.

Still, these “decorations” are a convenient and useful thing. Gadgets can be placed on the desktop, dragged and most importantly – customized to your needs within their capabilities. Mini-windows worked separately from each other. And everyone did their task.

But what if users switched to new versions of Windows? For example, on the tenth or eleventh version?

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10

Today, there are third-party applications that allow you to separately download various widgets and gadgets. These are special programs that, based on their functionality, can create their own themes. But if we are talking specifically about those classic gadgets from Windows 7, then the question arises: how to install Gadgets on Desktop for Windows 10 or Windows 11?

This can also be done with the help of additional and absolutely free software. This is 8GadgetPack – a special application that will solve our problem.

8GadgetPack – software for gadgets

So, this program will create the right environment to add all the known classic gadgets to the desktop screen of our monitor. In order for everything to work, you need to download 8GadgetPack to your PC and run the application’s installation file. This can be done via the links in the download area below. After installation, launch the 8GadgetPack Tools program and configure its settings. In it, you can go to setting up the gadgets themselves, enable or disable Sidebar, visit the official developer page, enable or disable autoload when Windows starts, or remove the program from your computer, etc.

Now let’s move on to the gadgets/widgets themselves. The standard set already has several dozen good old mini-applications. These are information windows, calculators, process monitors, weather widgets, clocks, notes and much more. They can be launched, configured and dragged around the Desktop. The setting is done through the wrench icon next to any of the widgets. Once opened, the gadget can be closed and reopened. Their location is always stored by the free 8GadgetPack manager program itself, which is very convenient.

8GadgetPack - clock gadget

In addition, it’s important to note that Windows 11 users must run Windows Update beforehand. In this operating system series, widgets will also work without problems!

Download gadgets to desktop

In addition to the pre-installed gadgets in the 8GadgetPack program itself, which are guaranteed to have a clear display of images and texts in all versions of Windows, starting from the 7th and higher, you can also download third-party ones in the *.gadget file format. At the same time, be careful! They will run, but may have hidden malicious code! Do it carefully, having checked them in advance with the Anti-Virus, at your own peril and risk.

Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets


8GadgetPack- install gadgets 8GadgetPack Tools - program setup 8GadgetPack Tools - Launch Sidebar 8GadgetPack - program installation 8GadgetPack - Windows desktop gadgets



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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