Windows Touch Screen Tester IsMyTouchScreenOK

With the development and production of touch screens, ordinary people have a need to check their performance, quality and the presence of defects. This utility is an effective way to test your LCD/Plasma monitor for multi-touch functionality. Windows Touch Screen Tester IsMyTouchScreenOK will help you evaluate the condition of your monitor without any problems or tricks.

IsMyTouchScreenOK touch screen software

Windows Touch Screen Tester - IsMyTouchScreenOK

Among related software, IsMyTouchScreenOK is a small but effective program for testing multi-touch functionality of touch monitors. With it, you can check a new or already purchased touch screen for faulty touch points. Also, this program can be used to test the touch monitor during the warranty period.

Testing the touch screen with IsMyTouchScreenOK

The way IsMyTouchScreenOK works is very simple: after launch of the program, a test field is displayed on the screen, which you need to test with one or more fingers. During testing, all contact points are displayed on the screen, and if there are faulty points on the screen, they will be immediately noticeable. This allows you to quickly determine if there are problems with multi-touch on your monitor.

A key feature of IsMyTouchScreenOK is that the program does not bypass the touch test screen and launches it directly through Windows calibration. This allows you to get more accurate results, since the program uses the official Windows tools for multi-touch testing.

IsMyTouchScreenOK options for touchscreen test

IsMyTouchScreenOK also has a number of other options and features that make it very easy to use. The program has category testing tools for Windows, as well as a very small size and low CPU usage. It also has an additional translation feature, making it easy to use in different languages.

Overall, IsMyTouchScreenOK is a very free and useful program for touchscreen users. It does not require special knowledge and is easy to install. Due to its efficiency and ease of use, it can be very useful for testing multi-touch functionality on your monitor. Of the advantages, it is important to note the multilingual application, small footprint, ease of use and portability, which allows you to run it even from a flash drive!

Checking TV touch screens

IsMyTouchScreenOK is not only a quick and easy test for PC touch screens, but also a great solution for touch-enabled TVs. If you have a TV that is connected to your computer and has a touch screen, then you can use IsMyTouchScreenOK to test its functionality. Simply download the program to your computer and run it on your TV to test the touch screen.

Due to its portability and no installation required, IsMyTouchScreenOK can be used anywhere and anytime. Just put it on a USB stick and take it with you wherever you go. And don’t forget to delete the program with the [D] key if you don’t need it anymore.

Finally, IsMyTouchScreenOK can be run on any Windows system, making it a one-stop solution for testing touch screens on a variety of devices. No matter where or how you want to test your touchscreen, IsMyTouchScreenOK is ready for action!

So, the IsMyTouchScreenOK Windows touch screen tester is a reliable and useful tool.




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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