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Sitting at a personal computer, some users experienced a situation in which the physical keyboard failed or the batteries ran out on it. It also happened that it simply was not around anywhere to connect to the system unit. There are also cases when the keyboard fails on a laptop or it simply does not exist on the device. In any of these cases, you need a working keyboard. And in this case, the operating system has a Windows virtual keyboard for such tasks. On different versions, there are several ways to launch it and use the mouse pointer instead of fingers. But in all situations it is convenient to use.

Virtual Keyboard

Windows Free Virtual Keyboard - English layout - English layout

This is a handy virtual tool that can always reliably help anyone, as long as there is a PC with a monitor screen, a mouse or touchpad. For example, on Widows 10, the standard Windows virtual keyboard can be called up by simultaneously pressing and combining hotkeys: Win + Ctrl + English “O”. You will immediately get a customizable Windows virtual keyboard on your screen. It is suitable for both conventional screens and touch screens. In addition, it can be enabled from the command line: Win + R. In the “run” field, type “osk” and press the “Enter” key. And this is also done by pressing the “Start” buttons, then “Settings”, “Ease of Access” and “Keyboard”. On Windows 7, the keyboard is less functional. It is called approximately the same way, via the button “Start”, etc., only hotkeys will have to be assigned.

Free Virtual Keyboard

Of course, not everyone will like the standard Windows tool. Therefore, you will want to find a good alternative. Preferably free. And, to our joy, there is such a free program! Free Virtual Keyboard is a multilingual user-friendly utility that can suit any user, as it works along with conventional screens also touch. It will work 100% on Panel PC, Surface Pro and Tablet PC devices.

I would like to note some advantages of Free Virtual Keyboard. This is the ability to adjust the dimensions by stretching it in width and height. You can also adjust Color and Transparency. In full screen mode, the keyboard will adapt to the position of the screen. Those. when you rotate a tablet running on the Windows platform, the keyboard will also adjust (from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa). It’s very convenient.

The free Free Virtual Keyboard software is both desktop and portable. The virtual keyboard for Windows can be launched both from a PC, laptop or tablet, or from any removable media, for example USB-stick or disk. The application’s user settings will be stored in FreeVK.ini, a file that can be edited. The file will usually be located in the folder with the program, but if the system disables the settings, they will be transferred to the registry.

The developer also offers a paid version, but this is a different program with advanced features, skins and additional amenities. The Hot Virtual Keyboard app can be purchased from the developer’s website.

Virtual keyboard – free download

The free version of the virtual keyboard can be downloaded free of charge from the links in the download area. When downloading, choose your suitable version and download to your device. After that, run and customize to your requirements.

Windows Virtual Keyboard


Windows Free Virtual Keyboard - Russian layout - Russian layout Windows Free Virtual Keyboard support for other languages

Windows Free Virtual Keyboard layouts other languages



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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