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Maintenance of the operating system, other software, technology, hardware and components is an important aspect of maintaining optimal performance, speed and durability of your equipment. This is a process that includes regular inspections, maintenance and software, repair and replacement of parts, as well as preventive measures aimed at preventing possible breakdowns and reducing the risk of malfunctions. Maintenance allows you to maintain the high quality of the system, programs, equipment, hardware and components, improve their performance, as well as save time and money, eliminating the need for major repairs or replacement of equipment. All measures to ensure technical and software “hygiene” will definitely have a positive effect on the terms of trouble-free operation!

Wi-Fi Finder: Homedale


Today’s world is heavily dependent on Wi-Fi wireless networks, which provide us with access to the Internet and internal networks wherever we are. Sometimes we need to find an available Wi-Fi network, check its…

Health apps on the App Store and Google Play

Health apps

Since mobile devices became an everyday tool in our daily lives, applications created for them have become not only a means of entertainment, but also indispensable assistants in health care. Today, the App Store…

Free subtitle editor Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit

All viewers have at least once seen films and other video content that is accompanied by subtitles. To understand, subtitles are a tool for presenting speech or sound effects in video files or movies.…

A utility for managing computer time. Download CCTime


Modern reality constantly presents us with new conditions. So in the era of the development of computer technology, computing power and other digital technology, sooner or later every ordinary person becomes a PC user…

Free PDF to Word converter. Download Nemo

Nemo PDF to Word

When working with documents on a PC, you often come across popular file extensions. For example, PDF and DOC (DOCX) are the most common, as they often support reading and editing formatted texts. And…

Methods for opening and converting Webp files


While humanity is developing in the direction of digitalization and computer technology, more and more new branches appear. For example, in the field of web design and image storage, the WebP (Web Picture) format…