SwatchBooker color palette software

In the world of design and artistic creation, color plays an important role. Color palettes help designers, artists, and other professionals choose and organize ...
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Desktop Icon Spacing

Program for changing the distance between shortcuts on the desktop: Desktop Icon Spacing

The desktop is one of the most used spaces for working and organizing files these days. Many users strive to customize their desktop to ...
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Comic Seer

Comic Seer: comic book reader

Comics are an integral part of the world of entertainment and art, and many people enjoy reading compelling stories expressed in comic book format ...
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Complete Anatomy 2023

Anatomy in 3D Program: Complete Anatomy 2023

Everyone knows that Anatomy is a branch of Biology that studies the morphology (external and internal structure) of the body. And, of course, human ...
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Tamagotchi Classic

Simulation of the popular Japanese game Tamagotchi Classic

Tamagotchi Classic is an electronic pet simulator that originated in 1996 in Japan. Tamagotchi quickly became popular around the world, attracting the attention of ...
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Program for determining the color of a pixel GetPixelColor

Very often, some users lack a good little tool at hand, with which they could quickly get information about the color of any point ...
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Meme-Generator: program for creating memes

Memes are a phenomenon of modern culture that is gaining more and more popularity on the Internet. Memes are funny pictures or videos that ...
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Mobirise website builder

Being competitive and competitive in the Internet environment, it is important to have your own page: a portfolio, a web store or a special ...
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Windows Touch Screen Tester IsMyTouchScreenOK

With the development and production of touch screens, ordinary people have a need to check their performance, quality and the presence of defects. This ...
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This category, namely without a heading, contains materials about programs that are not included in any of the other Fialtop headings. This also applies to applications that can affect several sections of the site at once. So, for example, converters can relate to both office programs and multimedia programs.