Dead pixel checker InjuredPixels

Thanks to the monitor screen or, in particular, the display, we can interact with a computer, tablet or smartphone. On it, processes that are ...
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Free Audio Editor OpenMPT

Creative people will love this program. The fact is that many music editors have been developed for creating music and editing audio files. Certainly, ...
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Aero Clock

Download clock to your desktop. AeroClock

We all live in a world of constant time. And time is always in short supply. That is why we pay so much attention ...
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Digital Desktop Clock

Digital clock on the desktop. Download

We are always trying to improve something and put things in order. And when we work behind a computer screen, we want to see ...
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Hierarchical table. Download TreeSheets

Your query must have been related to hierarchical tables since you ended up here. You can immediately tell that you have come to the ...
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A Ruler For Windows

Windows Virtual Ruler

When working behind a computer screen, sometimes you have to measure certain characteristics. And if it comes to measuring screen objects, then you probably ...
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Folder Painter

Program to change folder icon. Download Folder Painter

When there is beauty and order in the workplace, then you want to work. A clean and tidy workplace always motivates us to do ...
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Rain on the desktop. Download OK.It’s.Raining.Men

The theme of decorating the main window of Windows or the desktop of the monitor screen is quite popular. For this, many third-party applications ...
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Site form filler. Download RoboForm

Saving time is one of the most important criteria for an efficient and rational person. Be it a manager or a simple office worker ...
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This category, namely without a heading, contains materials about programs that are not included in any of the other Fialtop headings. This also applies to applications that can affect several sections of the site at once. So, for example, converters can relate to both office programs and multimedia programs.