Virtual pet cat Felix on the desktop. Download screenmate

In today’s world, when technology has entered our daily lives, we are looking for ways to make it more pleasant and comfortable. One of these ways was the emergence of virtual pets. Felix’s first screenmate has become a true virtual inhabitant of the Windows desktop. Thanks to him, our computer screens at one time sparkled with new colors. So, the virtual pet cat Felix on the desktop is a real masterpiece of computer technology, simulating life on the screen. You can download the screenshot using the links provided below.

Felix Virtual Pet Cat on desktop

Virtual pet cat Felix

Felix is more than just an animated cat roaming your screen. He is virtual a pet with his own character and a unique personality. As a virtual resident, it is present on your desktop, creating a pleasant atmosphere and making your digital life more colorful.

Screenmate or Virtual Pet: What is it?

A screenmate is an on-screen friend. So they began to call special programs that can simulate something alive on monitor screen or on the Windows desktop. Screenmate is a software application that creates the illusion of a small computer character or pet roaming the screen. It can perform various actions, respond to user interactions and simply delight us, who love all cats, and animals in general.

The program itself is a small application that contains an animation of a cat that looks like a real pet. It runs according to certain programmed algorithms.

Felix Virtual Cat - Screenmate screenshot on desktop

Felix screenmate popularity

With the release of new versions of Windows, people have begun decorating their desktops with new shortcuts, wallpapers, and changing mouse cursors. The breakthrough was the emergence of animated programs that live their own lives. One such program is Felix, which has won the hearts of many users around the world, and there are several reasons why it is so popular:

Emotional Connection

Felix has a distinct personality and a unique character. He can purr, stretch his paw to your pointer, and sometimes be naughty, scratching the virtual screen. This creates an emotional connection, and users begin to perceive it as a real pet.

Relaxing fun

Computer work is often accompanied by stress and monotony. Felix helps to dilute the gray reality of the digital world with bright moments. His games and pranks create an atmosphere of entertainment, relieving tension and helping to relax.

Decorative Presence

Felix decorates your desktop. Its presence makes the working environment more pleasant and comfortable. Felix’s colorful graphics and animations transform your desktop into a place to be. The pranks of the screenmate cat are pleasing to the eye of any user.

Virtual inhabitant of your computer: Download screenmate

Felix is not just screenmate or virtual pet – it becomes part of your digital space. Its presence creates coziness and joy, turning your desktop into a place where you can enjoy your time. All you need is to launch the application and our screenmate will become a faithful companion in the world of technology. Unfortunately, this project is no longer maintained, so use the links below (Download tab) to download and run it.

Felix the virtual cat walks around desktop

Virtual pet management

In order for our character to come to life, it is enough to run the Cat.ext file, after which the cat, after the splash screen, will fall from the top of the screen and land on the edge of the taskbar and start walking along it. The virtual inhabitant of the screen is controlled using the mouse cursor. By holding the left mouse button, you can lift the cat by the collar and drag it to any place on the screen. If you release it, it will fall back to the taskbar. The cat lives by itself. He will play with the ball, watch the fish in the aquarium, walk back and forth, rub against the edge of the screen, go beyond the desktop and come back again. He also likes to watch TV, eat and take interest in different parts of the Windows desktop.

Please note, the program was developed a long time ago and is no longer maintained! Therefore, it is likely that it may not display correctly on the latest versions of Windows. Tested on Windows 10 and it still works! You can experiment with running the application in compatibility mode with different versions of the operating system. Nevertheless, this cat should definitely get into the collection of screenmate lovers. Recommended!

Felix the Cat Screenmate Control

Virtual pet cat Felix on the desktop: Conclusions

Virtual pets, especially such as our cat, are becoming a real rarity today. Many of them simply “do not survive” due to the modernization of computer technology. Our screenmate is still “alive” and it can still be “settle” on the desktop. And although the fashion for them has gradually passed, nevertheless, such an animal can dilute the routine office atmosphere with something alive, albeit virtual. And Felix the cat is a true classic of the genre!


Screenmate Felix the cat watching TVScreen simulation of life - Felix the cat lives on the desktopFelix screenmate walks around the desktop by itself




Please note that the project has been abandoned! One of the few sources for this screenmate is the Web Archive of Sites. It has a long-term copy of the developer’s site. Download the Cat.exe file at your own risk and be sure to scan any of the anti-virus programs for viruses before starting it! Good luck!

Here you can download files to install and run the program. The developer’s main site ( is not maintained at the time of this review). If you have any questions or difficulties, write in the comments.


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