System information on the desktop

We all love quality software for its simplicity, functionality and usability. And if this is even a small application that performs a narrow range of tasks, then it is important that all of the above is already included here. It’s good when the system information on the desktop is displayed in a convenient place. Today, there are already many utilities and applications that appear in tray or install in as gadgets on the Windows home screen. But really good and high-quality software, we will consider below.

System information

Desktop system information table as part of wallpaper

In order to control the operation of your Hardware on a PC, you can use special programs. System information will be displayed in a special application window. And in our case, we will consider a very convenient and useful utility for monitoring system indicators. This is a free Desktop Info software.

Its distinctive feature is that it will become part of the desktop, merging with its wallpaper into a single whole. The Desktop Info by Glenn Delahoy utility itself will remain in RAM during its work, and display information directly on the desktop background. At the same time, the application practically does not create a load on the central processor.

Information on desktop

System information on the desktop wallpaper thanks to the Desktop Info utility

Everything you need to know about the operation of hardware and system processes will be displayed in the form of a graphical information table. Here will be displayed:

CPU – CPU usage;

Top CPU – applications that load the computer’s processor the most;

Physical Ram – indicators of RAM;

Top Memory – displays running applications that fill up as much as possible RAM;

Page Fault/sec – page fault counter;

Ethernet Traffic – displays network traffic indicators;

Drive (X) – performance indicators of PC disks.

System processes

The display of system processes can be configured using an ini file. The desktopinfo.ini file can be opened directly from the context menu of the application. Here you can customize the appearance, position on the screen, fonts and more. Just edit the file and save. Ready! All processes will be displayed as a graphical table on the desktop, or as a separate window. You can also open the User’s Manual in the menu as a PDF file with a detailed description of all the features of the program.

Tools and other features in Desktop Info

Information as wallpaper

For many users, it is most convenient to display system information somewhere convenient. Since desktop is the main window of Windows, display system information it’s best to post it here. If earlier these were widgets and gadgets, which Microsoft abandoned in the latest versions of the Windows operating system, today this can be done using third-party applications. The Desktop Info utility will be neatly installed on your desktop as part of the wallpaper. All system information will be updated in real time and will be in full view.

Download Desktop Info

The program is free, multilingual and does not require installation (i.e. it is portable). Simply download the version of Desktop Info that suits your Windows operating system requirements. Links are located in the downloads area and lead to the developer’s site. The app is over 20 years old. And, thanks to the recognition of users, it is still supported. There is a special forum where you can discuss the work of the program and bring your wishes.

System information on desktop




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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