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Dead pixel checker InjuredPixels

Thanks to the monitor screen or, in particular, the display, we can interact with a computer, tablet or smartphone. On it, processes that are ...
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Free Audio Editor OpenMPT

Creative people will love this program. The fact is that many music editors have been developed for creating music and editing audio files. Certainly, ...
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Aero Clock

Download clock to your desktop. AeroClock

We all live in a world of constant time. And time is always in short supply. That is why we pay so much attention ...
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Desktop extension. SideSlide Utility

Real gamers probably don't recognize this, but the computer was designed for more than just gaming. First of all, a computer is designed to ...
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Tablacus Explorer

File Manager for Windows Tablacus Explorer

When using files in the Windows operating system, we willy-nilly use the standard explorer. This is a tool built into the platform with which ...
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CopyQ clipboard manager

While working with office programs, you often have to copy something, paste something, cut it, highlight it, etc. This can apply to both text ...
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XnView MP

XnView MP Photo Viewer

Almost every operating system has its own standard built-in photo viewer. It is endowed with a minimum of features and does not always allow ...
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Wi-Fi viewer. Download WifiChannelMonitor

One of the most common wireless networking technologies, including the Internet, is Wi-Fi. With it, you can connect to an access point in a ...
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Program for setting tasks. Download ToDoList

Our life is so arranged that all the time we have to plan something and paint everything in stages. When everything is organized and ...
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