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Free program for graphics tablet. Download Krita

Over the past 100 years, the common man has had to witness a very dynamic technological revolution. In addition to the development of electronics ...

3D gallery on your desktop. Download DesktopImages3D

Most modern people have used a PC at least once and know for sure that you can view photographs and images on a computer ...

Wi-Fi Finder: Homedale

Today's world is heavily dependent on Wi-Fi wireless networks, which provide us with access to the Internet and internal networks wherever we are. Sometimes ...
Subtitle Edit

Free subtitle editor Subtitle Edit

All viewers have at least once seen films and other video content that is accompanied by subtitles. To understand, subtitles are a tool for ...

Free photo viewer. Download Irfanview

Since the advent of digital photography, our world has changed. We take thousands of pictures, and to store them and share them with friends, ...

Free office analogue. Download FreeOffice from SoftMaker

Among all office applications, Microsoft Office has long been the undisputed leader. However, with the advent of alternative solutions such as LibreOffice, WPS Office ...

Convenient file manager Q-Dir. Download for free

When it comes to managing files and folders on your computer, choosing the right file manager can greatly improve your productivity and convenience. One ...
Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

Notepad text editor with syntax highlighting. Download Notepad2 Bookmark Edition

When it comes to editing text and code, choosing the right text editor can greatly improve your productivity. One of the popular text editors ...

MazeBuilder software for creating mazes

From early childhood we are interested in various puzzles and ways to solve them. This helps a person become more resourceful and more flexible ...

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