USB control. Download USBDeview utility

More and more we have to connect various external devices to the PC and mainly through USB ports. In order to control USB, you need to download the USBDeview utility. This is a small free program specially designed to monitor and control all ports. The list includes absolutely all devices ever connected and registered by the system via USB: flash drives, digital cameras, printers and scanners, Bluetooth, joysticks, mice and keyboards, and much more.

A big plus, of course, is the support for many languages, which can be downloaded in separate archives and installed through the application menu. Works on almost all latest versions of Windows, starting from 7.

USB device control

A special program allows you to control all external devices connected to your computer. All in all USB devices are controlled from the program panel. All connected portable and stationary devices are displayed in a list with a detailed description of all characteristics. The user, directly from the context menu, can carefully study all the properties of the connected USB device and get the most accessible information, including all technical information. In essence, for example, what kind of current is supplied or get the port number.

Also, the list displays all ever connected devices that are registered in the system. Each line contains the following information content: device name, type, description, date, series and much more, which can always be useful for full control.

Control USB connections

So, through the interface of the USBDeview utility, you can control and manage USB connections of portable and other devices. Through the program window, you can test the connected device. Or immediately go to the registry editor, to the appropriate branch for further changes. In short, the displayed columns with characteristics and properties can be customized to fit your requirements and needs. Any device can be turned off, suspended, restarted or completely removed from the PC from the utility interface.

Thus, we can safely say that the USBDeview program allows you to control any connection of all USB devices and carry out any manipulations with them. A decent little functional application does not require installation, i.e. is portable. It can be run from any removable media, including a flash drive or any other external media. The utility is distributed absolutely free of charge and should always be at hand for an experienced PC user running on the Windows operating system.

In general, you can download the USB control application, namely the USBDeview utility from the download area from our website using the links leading to the official website.

USB control. Download USBDeview utility


USBDeview - control of connected devices USBDeview - program interface



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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