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As you can see, in order to quickly read information, it is enough to have a special scanner at hand. A barcode is a graphic marking with encrypted information for warehouse accounting. The sequence of black and white stripes is easy to read and easy to generate. But how do you create a simple barcode on your PC? For this purpose, there is a shareware program for barcodes ZebraDesigner, which we will discuss next.

Barcode printing software

A little background. Technology all over the world is advancing by leaps and bounds. With an increase in the flow of buyers, in order to improve and speed up work, the task has become to create a convenient tool for processing goods. Back in 1948, a simple pattern was developed from a sequence of black and white stripes of different widths. And only after almost 20 years in 1974 was it put into practice, namely on the packaging of Wrigley chewing gum, sold in the supermarket.

Today it is a reliable and simple tool for quick product identification. By the way, there are many programs for creating barcodes, but I want to highlight one. Just with the ZebraDesigner barcode printing software, you can quickly create labels and print them on a Zebra printer (and more!). This is a shareware program (Trial), which is given 30 days of free use.

Create barcode

So, using the tools of this program, you can quickly create any barcode. Select the printer model you want to print labels on. Then specify the material you will be working with and set the appropriate dimensions. Next, you need to customize the label layout, including background and picture position. The next step will be to set the dimensions of the label itself in convenient units of measurement, enter the text and place the barcode. After saving the project, you can proceed to the printing process itself.

That’s all! Of course the label is ready. Any quantity can be printed. And the barcode will always be stored in the ZebraDesigner software.

Download ZebraDesigner Barcode Software

In order to use the application, you need to download the barcode program from the links in the download area. By the way, the app supports 16 languages! Save the installation file on your personal computer. Install the program and run it on your device. The rest is a matter of technique. Use the short instruction above in the text or help on the operation of the program inside the interface.

ZebraDesigner Barcode Software


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Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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