What platform is used for catalogs like IMDB, Kinopoisk or Douban?

Specialized web platforms and databases are used to create and maintain movie catalogs like IMDB or Kinopoisk. A few common platforms that can be used to create such directories include:

IMDB directory

IMDb API: IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) provides an API that allows developers to access a vast database of movies, TV series, actors and other related information. The IMDb API provides access to movie info, ratings, critics, actors, and other related data.

IMDB-type movie base platforms

Which platform is used for IMDB type directories for other sites?

TMDb API: TMDb (The Movie Database) also has its own API, which provides access to a database of lists of movies, series, actors and other materials. The TMDb API gives developers access to information about movies, ratings, trailers, actors, and more.

Moviedb: This is an open source marketplace that provides tools to create your own movie database. Moviedb allows you to download content about movies, posters, trailers and link them to actors, directors and other related content.

Letterboxd: This is a web-based system for communicating and organizing movies, where users can create their own lists, reviews, rate movies and share them with others. Letterboxd provides an API for accessing movie data, user lists, and other information.

Which platform is used for directories like Kinopoisk?

Kinopoisk is a Russian platform for cataloging movies, series and actors. Kinopoisk provides an extensive database of videos, including movie content, actors, ratings, user reviews, and other related data.

Unlike IMDb and TMDb, Kinopoisk does not open a public API to access its content database. This means that creating lists similar to Kinopoisk may require developing your own system collecting and storing data.

However, there are paid sources of similar services that open APIs for accessing Kinopoisk content. Some companies or services may use these paid data sources to access Kinopoisk content and integrate it into their own catalogs.

If you plan to create a similar service like Kinopoisk, you may need to contact Kinopoisk or do more research to find out about available integration options and getting data from them.

Which platform is used for directories like Kinopoisk?

Yes, and in China there are platforms similar to Kinopoisk or IMDb that specialize in cataloging and reviewing films. Some of the more popular search engines for movies in China include :

Which platform is used for directories like Kinopoisk or Douban?

Douban (豆瓣): Douban is one of the most famous review sites for movies, books, music and other content. It provides content about movies, including ratings, user reviews, recommendations, and its own ratings.

Mtime (时光网): Mtime is a major movie platform in China. It offers details on new films, reviews, trailers, box office and other related material. Mtime also has a mobile app for easy access to its database .

Maoyan (猫眼电影): Maoyan is China’s leading video and cinema platform. It offers information about new films, box office, ratings, tickets and more. Maoyan also contains a mobile application for booking movie screenings

These are just a few examples of popular platforms in China for cataloging and reviewing films. The Chinese film industry is booming, with new search engines and services dedicated to video-creativity and television.

Conclusion on choosing a platform for choosing a movie catalog

The specific choice of platform depends on your needs and preferences. Each of the listed platforms has its own characteristics and capabilities, so it is important to study their documentation and evaluate which platform best suits your requirements.

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