Tray programs

Programs running on a PC may be in the tray. More or less experienced users have probably heard about it. Tray programs are all applications that can be seen in a special place for all sorts of notifications. First you need to figure out what it is. The fact is that officially the name of the tray sounds different. This is the notification area or Taskbar Notification Area. And the concept of “Tray” is a common slang word accepted among users.

The thing is that it historically arose thanks to the systray.exe utility, which was a system program in the Windows-95 operating system. She displayed all those standard tools that we are used to seeing to this day: the status of the laptop battery, volume control and connected memory cards. The first users shortened the name to Tray and later began to use the name of the tray notification place.

What does the tray program mean?

Tray programs

The question is interesting and quite common. Some running programs do appear as small icons in the notification area. From there, you have quick access to the running application. The running program will be in the notification area, in particular in the Windows system – this is in the lower right corner of the screen. Typically, users see the time and date there, as well as the language, volume control, and other mini-icons. Starting with Windows 10, a special arrow appeared in the notification area, leading up to display all applications running in the tray in a special window.

Windows program tray

This is very convenient, as running programs are always visible. In Windows, the tray program in the running form will always “hang” in the lower right corner. A big plus of such programs, most of which are utilities, is quick access to their functions and tools.

For example, among such programs you can find the following utilities:

  1. Touchpad Blocker is a program to block the touchpad of a laptop. Calling the application’s features menu is available from the tray.
  2. Mem Reduct – utility , capable of clearing automatically and manually physical memory, virtual and system cache.
  3. DeskPins is a great mini app , which can fix any of the open windows on top of others with a virtual pin. It also starts and hangs in the tray.
  4. PS Hot Launch VVL is a program for creating and maintaining hotkeys and their combinations. An interesting and useful utility.
  5. PointerStick – virtual pointer , which can be used on the monitor screen, on the Windows desktop, and also used on projectors.

Naturally, this is not the whole list of such programs, but they all have one thing that unites them all – this is the launch in the tray.

The notification area is not exclusive to Windows. For example, in the Android operating system, the notification area is located at the top of the screen and running applications can be located there.

Tray programs


Additional Tray Window in Windows


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