True Launch Bar: Unique Quick Launch Bar for App Management

In the world of modern operating systems, users expect quick and easy access to their applications, files, and system tools. One of the innovative tools that can enhance the Windows experience is True Launch Bar, a unique quick launch bar that provides many options for organizing, categorizing and managing shortcuts. Here, in this review, we will look at the key features of this special program, and how it improves the experience on the PC. So, your attention is brought to True Launch Bar: A unique Quick Launch Bar for managing applications.

Unique True Launch Bar

Beautiful Windows Quick Launch

If you’ve ever worked on a Windows platform, you probably know what the Start button is and what the Quick Launch bar is. The system itself offers, depending on the version, not so many options for flexible configuration and display on the monitor screen. Here, with the help of the True Launch Bar program, which is distributed free of charge, the user receives the most functional and versatile tool for creating a beautiful panel for quickly launch Windows. It is very easy to use and looks incredibly impressive!

What is True Launch Bar?

True Launch Bar Custom Free Application is a multifunctional software for the Windows system designed to create and fine-tune bar settings “Start“. It provides the user with a convenient way to organize favorite and popular applications, various files, shortcuts and folders in one convenient panel located on the familiar Windows desktop screen. True Launch Bar is one of the leading tools with the goal of creating beautiful and highly functional quick launch bars that greatly enhance the productivity and user experience of Windows.

True Launch Bar in context menu

True Launch Bar Features:

  1. Custom categories and panels

With this digital product, True Launch Bar, users can create custom categories to group shortcuts by type or purpose. For example, you can create categories for office programs, multimedia applications, games, or system tools. Each category can be represented by a separate panel, which allows you to organize applications logically and reduce desktop clutter.

  1. Support for labels and buttons

Users can add not only application shortcuts, but also buttons with various functions. The buttons can execute commands to control sound, turn off the computer, open folders and many other actions, which makes True Launch Bar a universal tool in managing not only applications on the computer, but also various system functions.

  1. Search by application

The program is equipped with a powerful search tool that allows users to quickly find the applications and files they need, even if their shortcuts are hidden in subcategories. This is convenient for users who have a large number of installed programs and want to quickly launch the desired application.

  1. Plugin support

True Launch Bar has an active community of users and developers who create a variety of plugins to extend the functionality of the bar. Plugins can add additional features such as integration with the file manager, system information, calendar, and support for other third-party applications and tools.

  1. Beautiful themes

This software allows users to customize the appearance of panel for quick launch using various themes. This makes it easy to integrate the panel into any desktop style and create a harmonious system image.

  1. Windows Taskbar Integration

This software integrates with the original Windows taskbar, allowing the user to use both taskbars at the same time. Thus, users can leave the main tasks on the taskbar, and place the applications and tools that they need in their daily work on the True Launch Bar.

Ability to add widgets using plugins in True Launch Bar

True Launch Bar Conclusion

Multilingual True Launch Bar is a unique tool for organizing and managing shortcuts, giving the user quick access to software and system functions. With its customizable categories and plugins, users can create the perfect Quick Launch Center to suit their needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a professional user, a gamer, or just looking for a way to improve your Windows experience, True Launch Bar is a powerful tool that will make your workflow more efficient and convenient. Try True Launch Bar today and discover new ways to manage your computer. Believe me, this is a unique application that will appeal to any of the users.




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main site (if it is currently supported). If you have any questions or difficulties, write in the comments. Please note that separate plugins can be downloaded separately, which enhance the user experience and provide more tool options on the Windows desktop. Use the link to download special plugins. 

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