Program to change folder icon. Download Folder Painter

When there is beauty and order in the workplace, then you want to work. A clean and tidy workplace always motivates us to do good deeds and deeds. This also applies to the virtual workspace. In our case, we are talking about the order in the working folders of a personal computer running on the Windows platform. Standard folders, as we know, have a rather primitive and simple form. They are practically all the same. And what the Windows system itself offers, in our opinion, is not good enough. After all, it’s a good idea when you can change the appearance of folders and their colors? Of course! And for this, a special program for changing the folder icon is suitable. Download Folder Painter – it means to solve this problem. This small and free utility will be discussed below.

How to change the color of folders

Windows Explorer defaults to a default yellow folder color that cannot be changed. In the folder properties, you can only change the appearance of the icon from the standard one to one of the options offered by the system. And the choice is obviously poor. Therefore, a perfectly reasonable question arises. What to do and how to add colors?

Program folder icon

Folder icons can also be changed. If we do this through properties, settings and changing icons, then we will get to the contents of the SHELL32.dll file. There are options out there, but there are very few of them and their graphical basis wants better aesthetics. To add other types of folder icons (icons), you can use third-party programs. These can be special utilities or applications that extend the capabilities of folder properties. One such program is Folder Painter

Program to change folder icon

Folder Painter - folder icon changer

All Windows folders that are colored yellow and have a standard shape can be replaced with alternative covers. Folder Painter, a free and multilingual folder icon changer, greatly expands the user experience in terms of folder design. Here you can customize the folders, but also replace them with brighter ones. Color-coded folders are easier to read and organize them appropriately.

Menu Folder Painter utility is quite simple. Open the program and click the “Install” button. This click adds the utility’s ability to configure the folder from the context menu of Windows Explorer. Accordingly, the button “Delete” will remove this feature from Explorer when clicked. On the left side of the menu, a palette of available designs is already immediately provided, including colors and icon designs. Now, when you call the context menu when you hover over a folder, you will see the item “Change folder icon”. Clicking on this item will open all available options for colors and designs. Choose the look you like and the standard display will change to the new design.

If you set the “use SHIFT to bring up the menu” option, you will be able to bring up the Folder Painter menu by pressing the corresponding key on the physical keyboard. The “copy icon to folder” option will allow you to move the folder with the modified view to any other location. And even to removable media, for example, USB flash drive. The “rebuild icon cache” option forces the explorer to refresh and re-populate the appearance of the folder design in the event that the appearance has not changed. Additional editing of the ini-file will allow you to set the rules for the program and the distribution of properties to other folders at a lower level.

Download Folder Painter

Folder Painter is a program for changing the design and color of folders, available in many languages. It does not require installation (it is portable) and is distributed absolutely free of charge. You can download Folder Painter from the download area using the links leading to the developer’s official page. Download the archive and select the file, taking into account the bitness of the operating system. Run the exe file and customize the program to your liking. This software will work on all versions of Windows, starting with the seventh.

A nice bonus is that you can preview and download additional styles from external sources. Use them and install on your PC as required by the instructions.

Folder Painter Additional Styles

A program to change the folder icon. Download Folder Painter


Folder Painter menu and settings Folder Painter settings when moving folders to another device



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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