Rain on the desktop. Download OK.It’s.Raining.Men

The theme of decorating the main window of Windows or the desktop of the monitor screen is quite popular. For this, many third-party applications are being developed in order to give a special entourage. Very often you want to “revive” the working environment. Breathe life, so to speak. Among these effects, you can “turn on” rain on your desktop. You can download OK.It’s.Raining.Men from the links below. This is such a small program that can give the mouse cursor movements the effect of raindrops splashing on the desktop.

Live rain on desktop

Rain on desktop

A small free app OK.It’s.Raining.Men creates living rain on the desktop of the monitor screen. Of course, not literally, but only virtually. But the effect is very similar. Raindrops will splatter and spread out in circles across the entire virtual desktop surface. If desired, this can also be done around the mouse cursor, which, when moving, will leave behind a trail of circles from drops.

The program menu is simple. As a rule, most popular languages are already preinstalled. When you install or run the program itself will determine the default system language. However, if this does not happen, then the language can be selected manually. Thus, this software can be classified as multilingual.

Options OK.It’s.Raining.Men

Options OK.It's.Raining.Men

The raindrop effect is easy to set up. This can be done using the following options.

  • Transparency. Allows you to adjust the alpha channel of the drops from 0 to 100%.
  • Render quality. With the adjustment slider, you can adjust the level from 1 to 4 units.
  • The type of effect. The drop-down menu opens up 3 options: the effects of water droplets from the movement of the mouse, the effect of simultaneous plume from the movement of the pointer and splashing over the entire virtual surface of the desktop screen, well, splashing drops over the entire surface of the table without being affected by mouse movements.
  • Quality. 3 modes allow you to choose the quality of drawing, which can increase or decrease the load on the central processor.
  • Activation. Allows you to configure the dependence of the appearance of raindrops on the actions on the screen.

Raindrops visualization is set a little lower. Here are the following adjustments.

Mouse drops:

  • Intensity of rain.
  • Drop size.
  • The length of the gaps between the drops.

Drops desktop :

  • Intensity of spatter and distribution.
  • The size of the circles from the fallen drops.

In addition to all of the above, you can set the OK.It’s.Raining.Men program to start automatically with the start of the Windows operating system. Also disable or enable visualization.

Download rain to your desktop

In order to download rain to your desktop, you need to follow the links in the download area. Links lead to the official page of the developer of this application. There are several versions of the program. Please note that when downloading, it is important to choose a version that takes into account the bit depth (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download OK.It’s.Raining.Men

Applications for creating virtual rain on the desktop can, of course, be run on almost any version of Windows. You can download OK.It’s.Raining.Men from the links in the download area. There are installation versions and portable ones. Choose the appropriate option, download and run on your PC. Adjust the settings and enjoy the rain effect on monitor screen.

Rain on your desktop. Download OK.It’s.Raining.Men


Rain settings in OK.It's.Raining.MenSetting up OK.It's.Raining.MenAdjust effect s OK.It's.Raining.Men



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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