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In those situations where the user doubts the downloaded application, its performance or safety, then it is not enough to have an anti-virus program at hand. For this purpose, a special program for testing Sandboxie applications has been developed and continues to develop. At the time of this review, the app is open source and maintained by David Xanatos. Prior to that, it was developed by Sophos, Invincea and was originally created by author Ronen Zur. To date, there are two versions of the program: Sandboxie and Sandboxie Plus. And we’ll talk about it below.

Sandboxie Application Tester

Sandboxie – a secure environment for testing programs and applications

Sandboxie is a powerful sandboxing software for isolating and testing applications on Windows NT operating systems. It allows you to create a safe and controlled environment where you can run untrusted or potentially dangerous programs without risking infection of the main system.

Application testing tool

What makes Sandboxie truly unique is its ability to create a sandbox-like sandboxed operating environment where applications run inside a virtual container. This means that any changes made inside Sandboxie will not affect your main system. You can install and run programs, open web pages, and perform other operations inside the sandbox, knowing that your system remains protected.

One of the main advantages of Sandboxie is its flexibility and controllability. You can set resource access rules system for each running application. For example, you can restrict access to files, the registry, or the network to prevent unwanted changes or links to external resources.

Safely check the operation of any program

Due to its functionality, Sandboxie is ideal for software testing. You can run new or updated applications inside the sandbox to test their health and safety without worrying about possible negative consequences. This is especially useful for developers and testers who need an isolated environment for running test scripts or debugging.

Sandboxie and Sandboxie Plus

Sandboxie, an open source sandbox, offers two options for users: a classic build with a familiar MFC-based user interface, and an additional build that includes new features and a completely new user interface based on Q’t. Although the new features were specifically designed for the Plus branch, you can often use them in the classic version by manually making the necessary changes to the sandboxie.ini file. This allows users to customize and extend the functionality of Sandboxie according to their needs.

Thus, with two available options with a user interface and different features, Sandboxie provides a flexible approach to managing and testing applications in a sandbox. You are given the opportunity to choose the appropriate version and customize it according to your requirements and preferences in order to take full advantage of this software. Sandboxie Plus is the latest and most current version of the application for testing programs without risks, which is supported by the developer at the time of publication of the article.

Please note that information about the latest updates and possible changes in Sandboxie can be provided on the official website or in the user community.

sandboxie in tray

Download Sandboxie

In order to use this tool, you need to download Sandboxie from the official website. Select the desired version available from the links below and install on your PC or laptop . All instructions for working with the program can be found on the developer’s website.

It’s important to note that at the time of my update in September 2021, Sophos has announced that it will no longer develop and support Sandboxie. As a result, she passed into the hands of David Xanatos and has undergone significant improvements. Thanks to the developer, Sandboxie Plus appeared

Overall, Sandboxie is a valuable tool for isolating and testing applications on Windows NT operating systems. Its ability to create an isolated environment, control access to system resources, and secure your main system makes it indispensable for testing and experimenting with applications.




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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