Program to run programs at a given time RunAsDate

In the information technology world, there are many tools that help us automate everyday tasks and increase our efficiency. One such tool is the RunAsDate program. In this article, we will consider the capabilities and features of this program, as well as its application in various fields.

What is the RunAsDate utility?

RunAsDate is a small free utility for the Windows operating system designed to run applications on a specific date and time. It allows us to control the startup time of programs and gives us the flexibility to test, debug, and automate tasks.

A program to run programs at a given time RunAsDate

RunAsDate Functions

A program to run programs at a given time RunAsDate provides the following features and functions:

Setting date and time launch: The program allows you to set the desired date and time for the launch of the application. When running the program through RunAsDate, it will think that the current system date and time match the specified values.

Support for various date and time formats: RunAsDate allows you to use various date and time formats, including absolute values and relative offsets.

Command line support: The program can be launched via the command line, which provides even more flexibility in automation and integration with other tools.

Compatible with various versions of Windows: RunAsDate is compatible with most versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Run programs at specific times with RunAsDate

RunAsDate has a wide range of applications in various fields. Consider some of them:

Software Testing: RunAsDate allows testers to create scenarios in which the program runs at different dates and times, which helps to identify and fix time-related bugs.

Task automation: The program can be used to automate everyday tasks, such as running a certain application regularly at a given time. This can be useful, for example, for automatically creating backups, running scripts, or other routine operations.

Simulation of specific scenarios: If you need to play specific events associated with a specific time, RunAsDate will help you create a scenario in which the application will run at the right time. This can be useful for training, demonstrations or teaching.

Bypass Trial Restrictions: Some programs restrict access to full functionality during a specific trial period. RunAsDate can be used to run such programs while pretending that the trial period has not yet expired. However, it should be noted that this may violate the license terms of the software, so the use of RunAsDate in such cases must be conscious and comply with the laws and policies of the copyright holders.

Restrictions and tips for using RunAsDate

Despite its usefulness, RunAsDate has some limitations and tips to keep in mind:

Only work with local applications: RunAsDate is designed to run local applications on your computer. It cannot be used to remotely launch applications or programs running on the network.

Influence on other system processes: When using RunAsDate, be aware that the application will run with a modified date and time, which may affect other system processes and programs that depend on the correct time.

Legal use: When using RunAsDate, it is important to comply with the law and the license terms of the software. Using a program to bypass trial period restrictions without the consent of the copyright holder may be illegal and contrary to the ethics of using programs.

Conclusion and conclusions about the RunAsDate utility:

So, RunAsDate is a useful utility for launch applications at a specific time. It has flexibility and functionality that can be useful in a variety of areas, including testing, task automation, and scenario simulation. However, you must use RunAsDate responsibly, respecting the law and the software license terms. When using the utility, you should take into account the limitations associated with local applications and the impact on other system processes.

Regardless of some limitations, RunAsDate remains a useful tool for managing when programs start on the Windows operating system. It can improve work efficiency, make it easier to test and automate tasks, and help with scripting, training, or demos. Use RunAsDate wisely and according to the rules to enjoy all its benefits.


A program to run programs at a given time



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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