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Each of us has a family and there were our ancestors. Also, when we create a family, we continue our family. We maintain relationships with our close and distant relatives. And, in fact, we are a big family with relatives all over the world! But we just don’t know about them. But in vain! After all, knowing your entire family tree and the history of your origin is very important! Perhaps your second cousin or sister lives next to you and you don’t even know about it … Therefore, it is very useful to keep your family tree. The free Gramps program will help with this. After all, it was designed specifically for these purposes.

Gramps is a program for creating a family tree

Family tree

A pedigree or genealogical tree is a diagram of the connections of all relatives with each other. It really looks like a growing tree with many branches. All generations give new offshoots. Thus, it is being built. True, earlier the tree was drawn from the bottom up (ascending), but today it is customary to draw from the top down. The way we used to write texts. Very often, pedigrees are built on the paternal side, but there are also on the maternal side. Those. if, for example, there was no son (or daughter) in the offshoot of the clan, then it is believed that the clan was interrupted.

In order to maintain your family tree, it is enough to know exactly your relatives (that they are real by blood or genetics) and some other data about them (dates, position, history, connections). Maintain records and archives. But it is better to do it in a special program. Just thanks to the free Gramps program, you can create your own family tree.

Free Gramps

So, Gramps is a free app for managing your family tree. The functionality of the program gives ample opportunities to create all the relationships and relationships. For each family member, you can create a separate questionnaire with detailed information. This includes the name, photo or images, additional names and nicknames. There is also a title, gender, addresses, indication of places on maps, notes, additional characteristics, parameters and various attributes.

With the help of filters and the program’s internal search system, you can always find the information you need literally in a matter of seconds. The interface of the Gramps program is intuitive and filled with graphic elements for greater visualization. This software can be compared in terms of functionality and capabilities with maintaining a mental map (Map Intelligence). Only here the structure of family tree schemas has more structured and strict data.

Also, with the help of built diagrams, you can always visualize all connections and relationships. Each link is a separate person, a separate member of the family, having its own database, which can be configured individually.

The menu of the free program Gramps for creating a family tree is conditionally divided into special sections.

Gramps menu

Dashboard. The main control panel. This contains summaries and statistical information about the tree or family. Panel elements can be customized to suit your needs.

People. All members of a family or tree are shown, but no links are shown.

Attitude. It indicates the connections of family members and the people themselves. Parents, sons and daughters, grandparents, and their basic data (dates of birth, death, etc.) With a simple mouse click, you can quickly go to any family member and his profile.

Families. It contains all data about families, divided into groups.

Charts. In this section of the Gramps menu, you can build a diagram or an extensive network of genealogical relations of the whole clan or family in the form of blocks and links between them. Descriptive drawing and clickable elements allow you to quickly follow links and get more detailed information about each family member. It is also possible to build fan charts of relatives and ancestors, as well as for a specific person.

Events. In this section, you can manage and view all ongoing or past events. In fact, this is keeping a history or biography of each of the family members.

Place. In this paragraph, you can filter, maintain and view event locations with the maintenance of addresses and coordinates.

Geography. Visual display of the residence and life of all family members on the world map.

Source. In this section, notes are kept and sources of evidence and knowledge are recorded, as well as supporting documentation with the ability to navigate to these sources.

Quotes. This section records important quotes from prominent personalities of the family tree.

Repository or repository. It contains and stores important library data about family members.

Media. A section that stores all kinds of links to publications, videos and sites where you can get more information about a specific family member or part of the family.

Notes. In this item of the side menu, you can keep notes and drafts with the possibility of further processing in the future.

Download Gramps

Gramps is a free and open source program that is constantly being developed and can be downloaded and used to create and maintain your own family tree, as well as the family tree of your acquaintances and friends. To do this, use the download links from the official source and install on your PC. Initially, the program was developed for the Linux operating system and Unix-like platforms, but later it was published in versions for Windows and MacOS. All versions can be viewed on the downloads page on the developer’s website. The program is multilingual, so it will be accessible and understandable to most users of the world.

Genealogical tree. Free Gramps




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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