Windows Virtual Ruler

When working behind a computer screen, sometimes you have to measure certain characteristics. And if it comes to measuring screen objects, then you probably need a virtual ruler or tape measure. Applying the real one does not make sense, as it is inconvenient and when changing the scale it will be impossible to make adjustments. Therefore, it is rational  to resort to a special, on-screen. Virtual Ruler Windows (A Ruler For Windows) is a utility that can replace a real ruler.

Virtual ruler on screen

What might this measuring tool be used for? First of all, of course, this is an accurate measurement (up to one pixel) of various objects. When developing sites and Web elements, a virtual ruler on the monitor screen can be used for them. It may also be needed for precise rendering and creation of graphic elements.

Virtual Windows ruler

And that’s not all. Also, this virtual ruler – A Ruler For Windows can be used as a threshold overlap and highlight lines of text when reading. Indeed, everyone once had to read voluminous books or magazines with large texts and small print. The same can happen on the screen of the monitor. And as a delimiter for reading, by the way, a virtual ruler will have to. You can use it like a real one. Bringing it to the text, you can read the line delimited by a ruler.

Windows Screen Bar

This virtual instrument can be customized to your needs. The Windows screen ruler can be dragged around the screen, resized, and flipped from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. You can also change skins (shells) – the appearance of the line. By installing the free program Ruler For Windows, we already have 4 pre-installed skins, but there may be more. From here they can be downloaded and added to the utility. Among the internal additional features there is a screen magnifier call, which may be necessary when reading hard-to-read texts with an incomprehensible and small font. It is also the ability to set a red mark on the virtual ruler, which helps to establish the position of important moments and events on the screen.

Settings for A Ruler For Windows

Download virtual ruler

To use the virtual ruler, you need to download it from the links from the official page of the developer’s website. Then install and run on a PC with a preinstalled Windows operating system. Links in the download area. The application supports several languages and therefore, it can be classified as multilingual. If during installation you could not find your language, install the software in the language that is most understandable and convenient for you. In the settings you can find everything you need to use the Windows line while working or readers.

Windows Virtual Line


Virtual ruler on screen - brick wall shell

Virtual ruler on the screen - shell with kittens

Virtual ruler on screen - pale turquoise shell



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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