Free VIM text editor for HTML and other documents

There are many text editors in the world of software development and system administration, but one of the most powerful and flexible tools available for free is Vim (Vi IMproved). Vim gives developers and system administrators the ability to edit files, including HTML and many other types of documents, with incredible efficiency and convenience. Here we will learn what is the free text editor VIM for HTML and other documents. We will talk about this below.

Free VIM text editor for HTML and other documents

VIM free text editor

Vim is an advanced text editor that is an improved version of the original Vi. It provides many text editing features, including syntax highlighting for many languages programming, autocompletion, macros and more. However, one of the most remarkable features of Vim is its unique text management system.

Editor for HTML files

Vim is ideal for editing HTML files. Its functionality and flexibility make it easy and efficient to create and edit web pages. Here’s how you can get started with HTML files in Vim:

Installing Vim: If you don’t already have Vim, you’ll need to install it on your computer first. Below you will find instructions for downloading and installing Vim on various platforms.

Starting Vim: After installing Vim, open a terminal (on the command line) and enter the command vim followed by the path to your HTML file. For example:

vim mypage.html

This will open your HTML file in Vim.

Text Editing: Use the arrow keys and text input keys to edit your HTML file. Vim also provides many commands for cut, copy, paste and search for text.

Save changes: To save changes to the file, press the Esc keys, then type :w and press Enter. This is the save command. If you want to save the file under a different name, use :w newfilename.html.

Exiting Vim: To exit Vim, press Esc, then type :q and press Enter . If you’ve made changes but want to exit without saving, use :q!.

Save and Exit: If you want to save changes and exit Vim, use the combination :wq.

Free VIM Editor

Download VIM Editor

Vim is available on a variety of platforms, making it a handy tool for developers and administrators, regardless of their operating system. Here is how to download Vim on different platforms:

For Linux:

Most Linux distributions come pre-installed with Vim. You can check for it by running vim in a terminal. If not, you can install it using your distribution’s package manager, for example, for Ubuntu, use sudo apt-get install vim.

For macOS:

Vim is also pre-installed on macOS. You can open it from a terminal by typing vim.

For Windows:

You can download the Vim installation file from the official website (links are below). Installation takes place using a standard installer.

VIM free text editor for HTML and other documents: Wrapping up

Vim is a powerful and free text editor that is ideal for editing HTML files and many other types of documents. With it, you can edit any text. Regardless of the operating system, you can download and use Vim for any purpose, including programming. Today it is a fairly well-known and popular editor, which almost any user will like. Good luck!





Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main site (if it is currently supported). After clicking on the link, select the version of the installation file for your operating system. If you have any questions or difficulties, write in the comments.



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