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Almost every operating system has its own standard built-in photo viewer. It is endowed with a minimum of features and does not always allow you to get the desired effect when viewing all the images. There are few functions and they are not flexibly configured. Most likely, most users have encountered this sooner or later. Or else collide. And in this case, you have to look for third-party software. XnView MP Photo Viewer is a free application for non-commercial use. Those. it can be used for personal purposes without any fees and purchases of licenses. For commercial use, the price tag starts at 29€ and decreases depending on the number of licenses purchased.  But below we will look at all the advantages of this program for viewing photos and any other images (its free version).

Windows Photo Viewer

The Photo Viewer or the standard Windows Photo Viewer has the simplest functionality. The list of possibilities includes Scale, Rotate, Save, Delete, Modify and Print operations. Everything you need to watch. But is it convenient? Often, some modern formats are not supported, for example, on Windows 10, you cannot view the WEBP image format.  Editing is limited to standard features. Nothing superfluous, but for a more or less advanced user this is not enough. It is very important to have good and convenient functionality at hand. And for this purpose, you can use a free alternative – the XnView MP application.

XnView MP

XnView MP Photo Viewer

XnView MP is ideal for viewing photos and images and editing them quickly. This is a universal image viewer, images of all currently popular formats. A powerful and feature-rich tool that makes it easy to edit photos on the fly, arrange, resize images and view them in any available way. Photo views include thumbnail browsing, FilmStrip View, full screen, slideshow with various effects, and image comparison.

The XnView MP Image Viewer can handle over 500 formats! Among them are well-known graphic formats: PNG, JPEG2000, PSD, APNG, ICO, PDF, OpenEXR, Camera RAW, HEIC, JPEG, TIFF, DNG, CR2, GIF, WEBP and others. When editing pictures, you can change their size, crop without loss, rotate 360 degrees, adjust auto levels, contrast and brightness, change the color palette and their depth. You can also apply the filters and effects available in the program. There is also a built-in face recognition function and much more. A full list of features can be found by downloading the XnView MP program and learning its full arsenal of tools in practice. Also, the developer forum will give all the answers to your questions.

Download photo viewer XnView MP

It is important to say here that the application is multiplatform and multilingual. Before installation, the program must be downloaded to your device. You can download the XnView MP photo viewer from the links in the downloads area, choosing your version. Links lead to the official source of the developer of this software. Please note that 32-bit versions are supported along with 64-bit versions for the following popular operating systems: Linux, MacOS and Windows.

XnView MP Photo Viewer




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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