Turnkey packaging of online schools: Reliable solutions for a successful educational business

Nowadays, education is experiencing a real revolution, and online learning is becoming more and more popular and accessible to many. The rapid development of information technology, as well as the recent pandemic, namely COVID-19, has accelerated this process. Online schools have become a very important tool for anyone who wants to learn and develop while sitting at home. If you are thinking about creating your own online school, you have many options on how to package it “turnkey” and make your business successful. Let’s look at reliable solutions for starting an online school from scratch, support, analytics, sales funnels and much more. So, turnkey packaging of online schools: Reliable solutions for a successful educational business. And we’ll talk about this below.

Online packaging -turnkey schools

  1. Platforms for creating online schools

The first step to creating a successful online school is choosing a platform on which to host the training. There are many specialized platforms that provide ready-made solutions for creating and managing online courses. Some of them include:

Moodle: This is a popular open platform for learning management. It provides extensive capabilities for creating courses, managing educational content and assessing students.

360 MEDIA: This is a special Internet marketing agency that helps promote almost any online project from scratch with further support. Full packaging of online schools “turnkey”. And this means that any created educational project will be entirely carried out by specialists in order to obtain target clients. Monitoring and promotion are also carried out here on all channels of the global web, including popular social networks.

Teachable: In fact, it is a cloud platform that allows you to quickly create and sell your online courses. It provides tools for creating landing pages, processing payments and monitoring student learning activities.

Thinkific: The service provides many tools for creating and selling online courses. It also has powerful analytics features and integration with other services.

LMS WordPress Plugins: If you already have a WordPress website, you can use dedicated plugins such as LearnDash or LifterLMS to turn it into an online learning platform.

  1. Course content and training materials

Creating quality educational content is a key aspect of a successful online school. This includes:

Video lessons: Modern online courses usually include video lessons, as they allow students to more effectively learn information.

Text materials: Text materials, such as articles, instructions and assignments, are often used to supplement video lessons and provide additional information.

Tests and assignments: To assess students’ progress and maintain their motivation, it is necessary to create tests and assignments.

  1. Monitoring and analytics

To successfully run an online school, it is important to have access to data and analytics. Monitoring and analytics systems help monitor student activity, evaluate the effectiveness of courses and make necessary changes. Some platforms provide built-in analytics tools, and you can also use third-party services such as Google Analytics.

  1. Sales funnels

To attract students and increase profits, it is necessary to create effective sales funnels. This includes:

Landing pages and website:Creation of attractive landing pages and website with information about courses and benefits of training.

Email and Marketing:Using email and marketing campaigns to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Social networks and advertising: Promoting your online school through social networks and advertising campaigns.

  1. Student support and assistance

To make students feel comfortable and motivated, it is necessary to provide them with quality support:

Forums and chats: Creation of forums and chats for students to communicate with each other and with teachers.

Technical support: Guaranteed technical support to solve emerging problems.

  1. Training and training of teachers

If your courses will include instructors, you will need to provide them with training and support on how to use the platform and teach effectively online.

Turnkey packaging of online schools: important conclusions

Creating an online school is a wonderful opportunity to provide educational services and develop a successful business. However, to be successful, you need to properly package your turnkey online school, including platform selection, quality content creation, monitoring and analytics, sales funnels, and student support. Reliable solutions in each of these aspects will help you achieve outstanding results in the world of online education.

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