Optional special character keyboard. Download The Extra Keys

Surely once, when typing texts with a regular keyboard, you had a need to enter special characters. It happens that there is such a task as entering diacritical marks or letters with tails. They belong to some languages (for example, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Italian, etc.) and they must be entered, for example, from the English layout. It is not comfortable. You have to use the standard tool – the Windows character map, calling it with a few mouse clicks. In this case, time is lost, the process of selecting signs becomes more complicated. All this complicates the work, causing irritation. But, fortunately, this problem can be solved! An additional keyboard of special characters will help us. You can download The Extra Keys from the official site and thus solve this problem.

Special characters

Having experience in typing various texts, we know that special characters usually cannot fit on a regular physical keyboard. There are a lot of them. As a rule, these rare signs are placed in a special pop-up window. In Microsoft Word, they are located in the “Symbol” box.

Special characters marks

The Extra Keys special characters utilityWith The Extra Keys free app, you can install an additional keyboard that contains special characters and characters. After installing the program, you will have access to an additional compact mini-keyboard that can hang on top of all windows. With it, you can enter all special characters and symbols with just one click of the mouse. No need to constantly make transitions to find the desired character. Any sign you need will always be at hand. The keyboard contains several languages that have their own layout. Select the desired language using the gear icon and start typing special characters.

Special Character Keyboard

The Extra Keys utility has a simple interface. Check the box to “enable” so that the keyboard is always on top. Select the type/principle of character entry. The “more/less” key reveals or hides some of the characters, including the full or partial layout mode. During the installation of the program, if you wish, don’t forget to check the box for autorun programs during Windows boot.

Download The Extra Keys

Those who often type specific texts and face this problem will really like this application. It really saves a lot of time when typing words and sentences. In order to use the optional keyboard, you need to install and run it on your PC. You can download The Extra Keys from the links in the download area from the official page of the developer. Select the desired version of the program and install it on your device running on the Windows platform. The extended Pro version provides additional features, which can be found on the site of the author of the software.

Additional special character keyboard. Download The Extra Keys




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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