Recaps language changer

If you once had to work on a PC with more than one or two languages at the same time, then you probably faced various kinds of inconveniences. The classic flipping of languages with the combination “Alt” + “Shift” or “Ctrl” + “Shift” sometimes causes loss of time and irritation. Just for this purpose, a special program for changing languages Recaps was developed, which, moreover, is free!

Recaps: Convenient Language Switching for Windows

The Recaps utility is a dedicated keyboard switcher for Windows that allows users to easily switch between different keyboard layouts. It provides the flexibility to set up key combinations or use a single key. For example, it can be a banal “Caps Lock” key, which comes by default as a special “switch key” (Cycle Switch) for changing the language.

Recaps language changer

Utility for changing languages

When you have set up multiple keyboard layouts, Recaps allows you to group them. Any of the groups can be activated and toggled with any customized hot keys. These are the so-called “Group hotkeys”. In such a group, you can also switch using a hotkey called “Switch”.

If you accidentally enter text in the wrong layout, you must press the “Convert Inplace” hotkey. This is done for automatic corrections.

With the configuration that comes by default with the “Caps Lock” key being the “Switch” itself, the availability of the original key function will be opened by “Left Alt + Caps Lock”.

Program for changing languages on a computer

The Recaps program has been specially designed for computers running Windows. In this utility, the corresponding flag of the state in the tray will serve as an indication of the layout. Also, the indicator will be the Scroll Lock LED on the keyboard or a translucent flag of the country of the language in the center (of the screen).

If the Recaps utility does not have a language flag for the required layout, then you can let the developer know about it, and he will include the new flag in the next releases of the application, upon his approval. It is also possible to assign a custom icon that is 32 pixels wide and 32 pixels high with a color depth of 32 bits or True color for this layout. It is possible to use other formats, as well as icon sizes, but the result may not always be satisfactory.

Download Recaps language changer

A big advantage of the utility is its availability! Recaps is so-called free software, which is distributed and/or all modifications are permitted under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The program is provided with an assumption of its usefulness, however, without warranty of any kind. See the GNU General Public License for details.

The links below will help you get the latest version of the application, as well as go to the developer’s website, and download any of the available releases at your discretion. After downloading, the program must be installed on your PC or laptop and configured according to your tasks.

The Recaps language changer will be your reliable assistant when choosing a layout.


Recaps: Convenient Language Switching for Windows



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main site (if it is currently supported). You can find all previous releases on the developer’s site.

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