Mobirise website builder

Being competitive and competitive in the Internet environment, it is important to have your own page: a portfolio, a web store or a special service. This does not always require special knowledge. It is enough to have a goal and tasks and everything will be under control in your hands! The Mobirise site creation program allows a simple user to create almost any web resource from scratch, without having experience and specific knowledge, as well as without paying for hosting and without involving specialists. Those. Mobirise is a very simple and convenient electronic digital tool for creating websites without programming knowledge. This is a free software that allows you to quickly and easily create responsive websites that look great on any device.

Mobirise Website Builder

Creating websites

Today, creating websites is an important and integral element of business in our modern world. Previously, website creation was available only to professional web developers, but today even users with no experience can create any of their own web resources. There are many tools, such as site engines in the form of convenient constructors that allow you to create any resource, such as a web store or blog, literally on the fly. And it can be done without the need for coding knowledge or programming skills.

On the other hand, creating a professional and high-quality website may require an experienced specialist. Such a specialist will be able to create a website that will meet the requirements of the business, as well as optimize it for well-known search engines (for example, Google or Bing). All this will increase traffic and efficiency of any resource.

Whatever one may say, but creating a website from scratch will require a lot of effort and a waste of golden time from the owner and programmer. But thanks to modern tools, everyone, regardless of experience and level of training, will be able to create their own version of website, be it a shop or a forum, and provide your e-business online.

Program for creating websites

We have already touched on the Mobirise application above, which offers a fairly extensive selection of ready-made themes and blocks for creating web pages and full-fledged resources. The user can choose from more than 3 thousand blocks and over 90 detailed templates, which can be very easily customized and adapted to your requirements and tasks.

To create full-fledged sites with Mobirise, no special skills or programming knowledge are required. Here it is enough to be able to drag elements, such as blocks or buttons, to the right places on the page and configure their parameters. Mobirise makes it easy to add any content, such as images or videos, text or decor pieces, well, and other elements to the pages of a new resource being created.

Mobirise supports responsive design. What does it mean? And the fact that the website will be controlled by the screen size and it will look good on any device, including smartphones and tablets. You, as a simple and uninitiated user, can easily and easily customize the templates of any page so that each of them is adapted and optimized on all electronic devices for surfing the Internet.

responsive website design in Mobirise

Mobirise – Key Benefits

Mobirise is a powerful offline tool for creating and designing a new website. The user of the program can change colors, fonts, background images, move future interactive elements and customize them to fit their needs. You can also add custom CSS styles and JavaScript scripts to further customize the appearance and functionality of the future web resource.

Setting Images in Mobirise

Mobirise can be integrated with well-known services and plugins. The user can easily add contact forms, Google maps, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, etc. In addition, your website can be safely integrated with social networks such as Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Mobirise is quite easy and simple to install. And after a few minutes you can create websites with it. The application can be downloaded from the developer’s official page by clicking on the links below and installed on your PC. Supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux. After installation, you can immediately proceed to create a website. This does not require registration or filling in the fields with personal information.

How do I use Mobirise to create websites?

In order to create your first website using Mobirise, you can use a simple instruction:

  • Download and install on your PC or laptop Mobirise app.
  • Launch the program and choose one of the ready-made themes of your choice, or start from scratch.
  • Using the mouse cursor to move the desired blocks to a blank page. Then adjust the block settings using the settings panel.
  • Add text, images, video and other elements to the page.
  • Customize the design of your page using Mobirise’s tools to change colors, fonts, background images, and more
  • Integrate the necessary services and plugins, such as contact forms, Google maps, font control blocks, etc.
  • Preview your newly created resource and check how it will look on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Publish your site on your own server or upload it to your host of choice.

Mobirise website builder

Summing up, we can say that the Mobirise program is a fairly reliable, and at the same time, a simple and convenient tool for creating your sites. With it, you can create adaptive (“rubber”) sites. It does not require knowledge of programming languages. The application offers a wide range of ready-made layouts, as well as special blocks for creating web pages. In addition, this software allows you to customize the design almost individually from the available elements, as well as the functionality of the future resource using an intuitive drag-and-drop and editing interface. Mobirise supports various types of content and allows you to integrate your site with various third-party services. For an additional fee, you can buy templates and extensions with a more elaborate design and functionality, which can be viewed on the developer’s showcase.


Paid templates in MobiriseIndividual website design in Mobirise adapt site for any screen with any resolution




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main site (if it is currently supported). Select the desired system and download the installation file. Please note that after going to the download page, you will probably need to register or sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts. Follow the instructions.

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