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There are a lot of situations and reasons why it is necessary to block a particular web page. For example, office workers need to work at a PC without being distracted by social networks. Or children, in the absence of parents at home, may try to access “bad resources” and some of them simply need to be banned. And for those users who are not very tech-savvy, a simple free utility for blocking sites will be enough. In our case, this is the URL Disabler website blocker. With this simple program, you can take full control of visiting web resources on the Internet.

Free website blocker

Any site blocker

If we are talking about a simple way to blocking sites on Windows, then the URL Disabler utility is what you need. The free website blocker does not require installation, therefore it is a portable application and can be launched from anywhere and from any storage device. The program also supports many languages and takes up very little space.

URL Disabler is a free, no-installation software that allows Firefox, Google Chrome and Chromium EDGE users to easily block URLs. All application clients can modify, export, and import any of the site address lists (URLs) to be blocked. The program can work in three modes. The first is not to block anything at all when the application is running. The second is to block sites on the list, creating this list by adding new URLs. The third is the inclusion of the “White List”, in which all sites will be blocked, except for the “Favorites”. All three modes are enabled from a simple program menu.

Block websites with URL Disabler

Page blocked by URL Disabler

The security settings required for browsing the Internet and blocking URLs can be easily configured in the URL Disabler program. Popular URLs such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be found in the Samples menu. The export and import options are located in the “File” menu, making it easy to save and restore block lists.

You can also enter password to set and unlock, so that other users cannot change the settings already made without having the appropriate access. Browser settings can also be switched under the control of the URL Disabler program

Another useful feature of this software is “Turn on” and “Off” downloads in popular browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Chromium EDGE, which will provide, in fact, complete control over the processes of surfing users on the Internet.

Download website blocker

To run the utility on a PC, you need to download it from the developer’s website. The links are in the downloads area. After downloading the URL Disabler site blocker, extract the program files from the archive and run the file corresponding to the version of the Windows system (32-bit or 64-bit version). Ready. Set up blocking methods and start typing site URLs to control them.

Available OS versions are Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11.

URL Blocker Disabler

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